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Here’s what I have for sale. I am open to trades but would really like to sell. I will combine shipping and ship loose if desired. Please make offers on lots as prices are negotiable! I can ship via priority, parcel post, or 1st class (up to 13 oz) and I always ship with Delivery Confirmation. Insurance is optional. Willing to ship worldwide! I accept paypal and money orders. Checks take a week to clear and cash is sent at your risk. FIRST COME FIRST SERVE! I will answer PMs in order received! SPECIAL NOTE: I will be in two different places from now on, San Diego and Orange County. Because of this, shipping and pictures may take a while until I can get back to my inventory (mostly in OC). I’m usually there on weekends and can grab them and ship a bit later. If this delay is not going to work for you, please find what you’re looking for elsewhere. Otherwise, thanks for you patience. If you’re in SD or OC (or somewhere in between), pick up and drop off are available. Thanks!

Please note: If you are an opener or want it loose, I’d prefer that you buy worse condition cards if available so people that like em carded can get em better.
I can attempt to remove price tags (or you can do it yourself).

condition comments:
MONMC: I’m always hesitant using the word mint. I would never really say these are case fresh, but they’re in basically MONMC condition
MOC: Normal shelf wear to very good condition
NON-MINT (probably 50 cents to 1.50 off): they’re carded, but card isn’t in the best of conditions. Could be a large warp, crease, rip. You can ask for specifics.
Bad: probably best as an opener

Conditions may change depending if I trip or something... I will do my best to keep up with conditions. If something changes during a transaction, I'll notify you about it. These conditions will be marked down a little, usually 50 cents to a dollar depending on how bad.

If this list is too hard to read, PM me with your email address and I’ll send you my handy excel or word file LMK!

Thanks for looking, hope we can do some business! Here's my want (http://threads.rebelscum.com/showflat.php?Cat=&Board=UBB13&Number=2135795&fpart=&PHPSESSID=) list.

POTF Red- $3.50 unless marked.

Ben (Obi Wan) Kenobi--- NON-MINT to MONMC
2x Ben (Obi Wan) Kenobi-Long Saber—NON-MINT – MONMC w/tag $6
Chewbacca---MONMC w/ tag
Darth Vader-LONG SABER--MONMC--$6.00
Han Solo-in Carbonite Block—NON-MINT to MOC
2x Han Solo---MOC (1 has tag)
Lando Calrissian---NON-MINT--3 PENDING
Luke Skywalker-Dagobah--NON-MINT--3
Luke Skywalker-Jedi Knight—MOC to MONMC—5
Luke Skywalker (beefy farmboy) – MOC w/ tag
Luke Skywalker-(beffy farmboyLONG SABER--MONMC--$6.00
7x Princess Leia---NON-MINT to MONMC
R2-D2---MONMC w/ Tag
18x Stormtrooper---NON-MINT to MONMC – 4 ea
TIE Fighter Pilot---NON-MINT—$2.50
Tusken Raider---NON-MINT--3
2x Yoda---MONMC

POTF Green $3 unless marked
2x 2-1B---NON-MINT— 2.50
Admiral Ackbar---MONMC-
AT-ST Driver---MOC w/ Tag PENDING
Bib Fortuna---NON-MINT—2.50
2x Bossk---NON-MINT-2.50
2x Death Star Gunner---NON-MINT to MOC w/ tag
2x Emperor Palpatine---NON-MINT to MONMC
9x Emperor's Royal Guard---NON-MINT to MONMC-$3.50
EV-9D9 - NON-MINT - 2.50
Gamorrean Guard---NON-MINT – 2.50 PENDING
2x Garindan---NON-MINT to MONMC
3x Grand Moff Tarkin---NON-MINT to MONMC
2x Greedo NON-MINT to MOC (some w/ tags)
3x Han Solo-Endor--MOC
Hoth Rebel Soldier---MOC w/ tag
4x Jawas---MOC to MONMC
Lando Calrissian Skiff guard – Crease 2.50
2x Luke Skywalker-Hoth—Bad to NON-MINT—2.50
3x Luke Skywalker-Ceremonial—Bad to NON-MINT to MONMC
Luke Skywalker-Stormtrooper—NON-MINT
Momaw Nadon---NON-MINT to MOC
Nien Nunb---MONMC
Ponda Baba---MOC w/ tag
40x Princess Leia-as Jabba's Prisoner—Bad to MONMC—(don’t ask why there are so many… I had bought a large lot of figures from someone who didn’t want em anymore…and found those…)
Saelt-Marae-Yak Face--NON-MINT—2.50
3x Sandtrooper---NON-MINT to MONMC PENDING
6x Snowtrooper---NON-MINT to MONMC - ONE PENDING
Stormtrooper---MOC to MONMC
3x Tusken Raider---Non-Mint to MONMC
Weequay---MOC w/ tag

POTF Freeze Frames - $3.50 Unless Marked
2x 8D8---MOC
Admiral Ackbar---NON-MINT
Captain Piett-Error—NON-MINT - PENDING
Darth Vader-w/ Lightsaber and Removable Cape--MOC $4
4x Darth Vader-w/ Removable Helmet—MOC to MONMC--$8.00
Emperor's Royal Guard---MOC to MONMC--$6.00
Endor Rebel Soldier- MOC
EV-9D9---NON-MINT-- 3
2x Ewoks-Wickett and Logray—NON-MINT $7
Gamorrean Guard---NON-MINT
Grand Moff Tarkin---NON-MINT--
Han Solo-in Carbonite Block--Bad – 2.50
2x Ishi Tib---MONMC-- $4
2x Lak Sivrak---MOC—to MONMC
2x Lando Calrissian-General—MONC to MONMC
Lando Calrissian-Skiff Guard—NON-MINT $3
2x Lobot---MONMC
Luke Skywalker-w/ Blast Shield Helmet—NON-MINT $3
3x Luke Skywalker-Bespin—MOC to MONMC
Malakili---Tag on bubble—3
2x Mon Mothma---MOC
Nien Nunb---MOC
Obi Wan Kenobi---NON-MINT-- $4
2x Princess Leia-All New Likeness--NON-MINT—MONMC ONE PENDING
Princess Leia-as Jabba's Prisoner—NON-MINT
9x Princess Leia-Ewok Celebration—NON-MINT to MONMC
R2-D2-"Death Star"--MOC--$4.50
Ree-Yees---Bubble crush/ MOC - $4 - PENDING
2x Saelt Marae-NON-MINT to MOC
Stormtrooper--Freeze Frame-MONMC---$10
7x Ugnaughts---NON-MINT to MONMC
2x Zuckuss---—NON-MINT -$5.00 ONE PENDING

POTF Flashback Photo - $3.50 Unless marked – OR BUY the complete set for 30
2x Anakin Skywalker--Flashback Photo-NON-MINT to MOC
3x Aunt Beru--Flashback Photo-NON-MINT to MOC--
Ben (Obi Wan) Kenobi--Flashback Photo-MONMC--
C-3PO-w/ Removable Arm-Flashback Photo-Crease-- 3
Chewbacca-Hoth-Flashback Photo-MONMC--
Darth Vader-w/ Lightsaber-Flashback Photo-MONMC--
Emperor Palpatine--Flashback Photo-MONMC--
Luke Skywalker-Floppy Hat-Flashback Photo-Crease—3
2x Princess Leia-Ceremonial-Flashback Photo-MONMC
R2-D2-w/ Launching Lightsaber-Flashback Photo-MONMC
2x Yoda-w/ Boiling Pot and Cane-Flashback Photo-NON-MINT to MONMC

POTF Commtech = $4 Unless Marked – ALL NOW AVAILABLE!!!
3x Darth Vader-w/ Interrogation Droid--Bubble/MOC to MOC
Han Solo---MONMC
Jawa and Gonk Droid---NON-MINT – 3.50 PENDING
Luke Skywalker-w/ T-16 Skyhopper--MONMC-
Princess Leia-w/ Sporting Blaster--MONMC--5 PENDING
R2-D2-w/ Holographic Princess Leia (Tri-Logo Sticker-peeling a bit)--MOC-$5.50
R2-D2-w/ Holographic Princess Leia (Tri-Logo Sticker)—crease on back--$5

POTF Deluxe

R2-D2-Electronic Power FX--NON-MINT--: $6
Luke Skywalker---Tag - $7

Gunner Stations
Luke Skywalker-Millenium Falcon Gunner Station--Tag on bubble, crease-- $6

The Princess Leia Collection - $6 ea, $20 for a set
Princess Leia/Han Solo---MOC
Princess Leia/Luke Skywalker---MONMC
2x Princess Leia/R2D2---MONMC--
Princess Leia/Wicket---MOC

POTF Vehicles/Epic Force/Beasts/Cinema Scenes
Speeder Bike-Luke -Tape cut but near mint--$6.00
Speeder Bike-Leia -Tape cut but Good condition--$6.00
C-3PO--Epic Force-Bubble--$3.00

Jabba the Hutt-w/ Han Solo--Slight Crush--$6.00
Cantina Aliens-Labria, Nabrun Leids, Takeel-Cinema Scene-Tape Cut/ MOC--$6.00
Purchase of the Droids-Uncle Owen, Luke, C-3PO-Cinema Scene-MOC--$7.00

Shadows of the Empire (SOTE) $3 unless marked OR $12 for all 5
Chewbacca-Bounty Hunter Disguise--Tag/NON-MINT-
Dash Rendar---MOC
Luke Skywalker-Imperial Guard Disguise--Tag/NON-MINT--
Prince Xizor---MOC— $3.50

Expanded Universe
Clone Emperor Palpatine---MONMC--$10.00
2x Grand Admiral Thrawn---MOC to MONMC--$10.00
Imperial Sentinel---Slight Bubble--$8.00 PENDING
Kyle Katarn – LOOSE $9 - PENDING
Luke Skywalker---Slight Bubble damage--$9
Princess Leia---MONMC--$10.00 PENDING

Phantom Menace Ep 1 TPM - $3.50 Unless marked

2x Anakin Skywalker-Tatooine (Brown)—MOC to MONMC
Battle Droid-Dirty--NON-MINT
3x Battle Droid-Shot—NON-MINT to MOC
Battle Droid-Sliced--MONMC
Darth Maul-Jedi Duel—MOC
Darth Maul-Tatooine--MOC-
2x Destroyer Droid---MOC w/ Tags- $4
Jar Jar Binks---MONMC
Jar Jar Binks Swamp – MONMC - $10
Ki Adi Mundi---MOC--
Mace Windu---NON-MINT to MONMC
2x Naboo Royal Guard – MONMC - $9 ea
3x Obi Wan Kenobi-Jedi Duel—NON-MINT to MONMC
Obi Wan Kenobi-Naboo--MOC
OOM-9-Binoculars in Tray--MOC--$6.00
Padme Naberrie---NON-MINT-- $3
3x Queen Amidala-Naboo—NON-MINT to MONMC
Queen Amidala-Coruscant—NON-MINT to MOC
2x Watto—MOC to MONMC
2x Yoda---bubble nick to MOC

Phantom Menace Deluxe $6 Each, Both for 10
Obi Wan Kenobi-- Deluxe-Tag-- Deluxe
Qui-Gon Jinn-- Deluxe-Tag on bubble

POTJ $4.50 unless marked
Anakin Skywalker-Mechanic—MOC w/ Tag - PENDING
Aurra Sing---MONMC—
2x Bespin Guard-Cloud City Security—Non-Mint-MOC
Boss Nass-Gungan Sacred Place—MOC w/ Tag
Darth Maul-Final Duel--Back--
Darth Vader-Dagobah--Side (MOC)-- 4 - PENDING
FX-7-Medical Droid--Corner--4 - PENDING
Jango Fett-Sneak Preview--Bubble--4
2x Lando Calrissian-Bespin Escape—Bubble to MOC
Leia Organa-Bespin Escape--MONMC
Luke Skywalker-X-Wing Pilot—MOC - PENDING
Obi Wan Kenobi-Jedi--Tag--
Plo Koon-Jedi Master—non mint - 4
2x Queen Amidala-Royal Decoy—bad to MOC – ONE PENDING
Qui Gon Jinn-Mos Espa Disguise--peel/residue- 4
R2-D2-Naboo Escape—Tag on MOC
R3T7-Sneak Preview--Bad--$2.50 PENDING
Saesee Tiin-Jedi Master--NON-MINT--4
Scout Trooper-Clean--MONMC--6 PENDING
2x Sebulba-Boonta Eve Challenge—NON-MINT
Tessek---Tag on bubble /MOC
2x Zam Wesell-Sneak Preview—Bubble damage w/ tag, MOC w/Tag

AOTC/SAGA – All blue - $5 Unless Marked
3x Anakin Skywalker-Hangar Duel—MOC to MONMC
2x Anakin Skywalker-Outland Peasant Disguise--MOC
Anakin Skywalker-Tatooine Attack--MOC-- 4
Ashla & Jempa---MOC PENDING
Battle Droid-White w/ Background--MOC PENDING
Boba Fett-Kamino Escape--MONMC
C-3PO-Protocol Droid—MOC
Chancellor Palpatine---MONMC
Chewbacca-Cloud City Capture—MOC
Count Dooku-Dark Lord--MONMC
Darth Vader-Bespin Duel--MOC 4.50
2x Dexter Jettster---NON-MINT to MOC
6x Endor Rebel Soldier-Beard—NON-MINT to MONMC -$6 or all 5 for $25
Endor Rebel Soldier-Clean-AOTC/SAGA-NON-MINT---$6
Geonosian Warrior---NON-MINT to MONMC
Han Solo-Endor Raid--MONMC
6x Jango Fett-Final Battle—NON MINT to MONMC - $6 ONE PENDING
3x Jango Fett-Kamino Escape--MONMC--6
2x Kit Fisto---MOC - 4
Kit Fisto---MONMC
Luke Skywalker-Bespin Duel—MOC– 4.50
3x Luminara Unduli---MONMC
Mace Windu-Geonosian Rescue—NON-MINT - 4
2x Massif-Geonosian--MONMC
Obi Wan Kenobi-Jedi Starfighter Pilot--MONMC
3x Obi Wan Kenobi-Coruscant Chase—NON-MINT to MONMC
2x Padme Amidala-Arena Escape—MOC to MONMC
2x Plo Koon---MOC to MONMC
Qui Gon Jinn-Jedi Master--MONMC - 6
2x R2-D2-Coruscant Sentry--MONMC
3x Royal Guard---MONMC--
2x Saesee Tiin---NON-MINT to MOC
3x Shaak Ti---MOC to MONMC
Super Battle Droid---MOC to MONMC 6 ea
Supreme Chancellor Palpatine---MONMC
3x Taun We---MONMC
Tusken Raider-Female w/ Child--MONMC
Tusken Raider-Female w/ Child (w/ BG)--MONMC—5.50
Yoda & Chian---MOC--$4.50 PENDING
Zam Wesell-Bounty Hunter--MONMC

AOTC Deluxe
2x C-3PO-Droid Factory Assembly Line-AOTC Deluxe-MONMC - $7
Mace Windu-w/ Blast Apart Battle Droid--MOC-8
2x Yoda-w/ Force Powers-AOTC Deluxe-NON-MINT to MONMC - $7

AOTC SAGA GOLD – NEW! Prices marked
2x Aayla Secura-Battle of Geonosis—tag $6
Anakin Skywalker-Hangar Duel--slight crease-$5.50
2x Anakin Skywalker-Secret Ceremony--NON-MINT to MOC--$8- ONE PENDING
4x Ashla & Jempa-Jedi Temple Training--NON-MINT to MONMC w/tag $6 or if you want a yoda and chian with it, get both for $11 = OnE PENDING
2x bossk---MONMC-$6
Captain Antilles-Fan's Choice figure #5--MONMC---$7
Darth Vader-Death Star Clash--Corner Crease---$6
Darth vader – throne room duel – non-mint - $5
5x General Dodonna---NON-MINT to MONMC---$6.50 ONE PENDING
2x Han Solo-Hoth rescue—OK to MONMC-$7
Han Solo-Flight to Alderaan--MOC---$5
Hoth Trooper-Hoth evacuation—NON-MINT to MONMC---$5.50
2x kren blista-vanee-imperial dignitary--ok---$6
Lando Calrissian-Jabba's Sail Barge--MOC---$6 PENDING
Lando Calrissian-death star attack--MONMC---$6 PENDING
2x Luke Skywalker-hoth attack—MOC to MONMC---$6
3x Luke Skywalker-Throne room duel--MONMC---$6
3x Obi Wan Kenobi-coruscant chase—MOC to MONMC - $6
Padme Secret Ceremony –NON-MINT - $5 – Buy with non-mint Anakin secret ceremony for $10 PENDING
Princess Leia-Imperial Captive--Slight Crease---$6
3x R2-D2-Jabba's Sail Barge—NON MINT to MONMC - $6.50 ONE PENDING
R2-D2-Tatooine Mission--MOC---$6
5x r-3po-hoth evacuation—NON-MINT to MONMC---$6 - PENDING
2x Tanus Spijek---MONMC---$7 - PENDING
yoda-Battle of Geonosis--MONMC---$6
3x Yoda & chian---MONMC---$6 or take it with Ashla and Jempa for 11! ONE PENDING

Separatist Forces-Destoyer droid battle launcher-Clone Wars-OK tag---$7 PENDING

OTC - $6
Cloud Car Pilot—MONMC - $6
3x Luke Skywalker-Jabba's Palace-MONMC---$6
Obi Wan Kenobi-ANH-MONMC---$6
2x TIE Fighter Pilot--MOC to MONMC---$10 BOTH PENDING

ROTS - $5 unless marked
Anakin Skywalker-Battle Damage--MONMC-- PENDING
Anakin Skywalker-Lightsaber Attack--MOC—4.50
C-3PO – NON-MINT – 4.50
Count Dooku-Sith Lord--MONMC--
Darth Vader-Lightsaber Attack--MONMC--
Emperor Palpatine-Firing Force Lightning--MOC--
General Grievous-Four Armed Attack--MOC--
Kit Fisto---MONMC--
Mace Windu-Force Combat--MONMC--
Royal Guard-Red--MONMC-- PENDING
Vader's Medical Droid-Chopper Droid--MOC--
Yoda-Spinning Attack--MONMC—

The Saga collection $7 Each (would love to trade these for stuff from my wants)
2x Yoda--TSC-MONMC--
2x Jango Fett--TSC-MONMC--
2x Sun Fac--TSC-MONMC--
2x Poggle the Lesser--TSC-MONMC--
C-3PO-His own head on version-TSC-MONMC
5x Death Star Gunner MONMC NEW
2x Commander Cody MONMC NEW

Saga Greatest Battles NEW
2x 501st Legion Trooper MONMC

2x Anakin Skywalker-Error – no Title – TriLogo on back-Unleashed-MONMC—$35 each
Aayla Secura--Unleashed-MOC--$20
Chewbacca--Unleashed-MOC--$20.00- PENDING
Darth Vader (tripping down stairs) – MOC (side bend)- $20
Darth Maul TCG Promo Card (from Unleashed) - $3 ON HOLD
Jango Fett TCG Promo Card (from Unleashed) - $3 ON HOLD

Escape the Death Star-w/ Exclusive Luke and Vader-Game-Opened, but New and complete--$7

LEGOS (for sale only as they are my dad’s) PENDING
AT AT – Loose w/, but nearly complete to complete (missing one or two minor pieces) = $200
Snowspeeder – 7130 - Loose w/ box – complete (one piece is slightly different shade of gray) - $25
Darth Vader – MIB - $35
Ultimate TIE Interceptor – Loose w/ box - Missing 2 of the laser cannon pieces but otherwise complete - $80
Other Non SW Legos available – ask if interested

Loose/Custom fodder stuff
Open to trades, purchases, whatever
Young Obi Wan--??-figure only-
Jango Fett-Final Battle-AOTC/SAGA-No fire effect
Jango Fett-Kamino Escape-AOTC/SAGA-No missle that can fire
Qui Gon Jinn-Jedi Master-AOTC/SAGA-No blade-
Darth Maul-Sith Training-AOTC/SAGA-No support for droid
Han Solo-Endor raid-AOTC/SAGA-no proton grenades
R2-D2-Droid Factory-AOTC/SAGA-Complete-
Shaak Ti--AOTC/SAGA-figure only-
Han Solo-Endor raid-AOTC/SAGA-figure only-
Han Solo--Classic edition-figure only-PENDING
Chewbacca--Classic edition-figure only-PENDING
Kyle Katarn--EU-Complete-
Gamorrean Guard--Galactic Heroes-Complete-
Chewbacca-ROTS-Galactic Heroes-Complete-
Wookie Berserker--Miniatures-Complete-
Iktochi Tech Specialist--Miniatures-Complete-
Polis Massan Medic--Miniatures-Complete-
Han Solo-Hoth-POTF-Complete-
Han Solo--POTF-Complete-
Takeel-from Cantina Aliens-POTF-Complete-
Biker Scout from speeder bike – POTF no speeder bike
MANY stormtrooper--POTF-no blasters, no blasters!
Tusken Raider--POTF-figure only-
Yoda--POTF-figure only-
Saelt Marae--POTF-figure only-
Leia--POTF-figure only
Weequay--POTF-figure only-
4-LOM--POTF-figure only-PENDING
Several Jawa (tall)--POTF-figure only-
several (short)--POTF-figure only-
Admiral Ackbar--POTF-figure only-
Ponda baba--POTF-figure only-
Dengar--POTF-figure only-PENDING
Death Star Gunenr--POTF-figure only-
Tusken Raider--POTF-figure only-
C-3PO--POTF-figure only-
WED Droid--POTF-figure only-
Han Solo-Bespin -POTF-figure only-
Han Solo-Stormtrooper (custom)-POTF-figure only-
Emperor--POTF-figure only-
Chewbacca--POTF-figure only-
Lando Skiff guard--POTF-figure only-
Ponda baba--POTF-figure only-
Spirit of Obi Wan--POTF-Complete-
Luke Skywalker--POTF-figure only-
Greedo--POTF-figure only-
Momaw Nadon--POTF-figure only-
Jawa (tall)--POTF-figure only-
Obi Wan Kenobi--POTF-figure only-
Han Solo-Carbonite-POTF-headless-
greedo--POTF-figure only-
sandtrooper--potf-figure only-
Greedo--POTF-figure only-
AT-AT Commander-General Veers from AT-AT-POTF-figure only-
Han solo-Bespin -POTF-figure only-
Grand Moff tarkin – POTF figure only
Greedo--POTF-figure only-
rebel Fleet troooper--POTF-figure only-
X-Wing--POTF-OK, missing a turret
T-16 Skyhopper--POTF-OK, stickers peeling
Jawa (short)--POTF -figure only-
Darth Vader--POTF -figure only-
Jango Fett-Sneak Preview-POTJ-No blast effects-PENDING
BoShek--POTJ-No blaster-PENDING
R4-M9-w/ Mouse Droid-POTJ-Complete-
Han Solo-Death Star Escape-POTJ-no force file
Luke Skywalker-X-Wing Pilot-POTJ-no force file
R2-Q5-w/ Death Star Hologram-POTJ-no force file - PENDING
Princess Leia-Sail Barge -POTJ-no missiles for cannon
Darth Vader-Dagobah-POTJ-Complete-
Han Solo-Bespin -POTJ-figure only-
IG-88--POTJ-figure only-PENDING
R4-G9--ROTS Sneak Preview-Complete-
Dash Rendar--SOTE-Complete-
Luke Skywalker-Imperial Guard Disguise-SOTE-Complete-
Leia -Boushh Disguise-SOTE-figure only-
Qui Gon Jinn-Naboo-TPM-No lightsaber w/ blade
Anakin Skywalker-from game-TPM-figure only-
Darth Maul-Jedi Duel-TPM-figure only-
ric olie--TPM-figure only-
Darth Maul-Blue-Saga Mini Holo-Complete-
Count Dooku-Blue-Saga Mini Holo-Complete-
Luke Skywalker-blue-Saga Mini Holo-Complete-
Darth Vader-blue-Saga Mini Holo-Complete-
Obi Wan Kenobi-blue-Saga Mini Holo-Complete-
Yoda--Saga Mini Holo-Complete-

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