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09-01-2006, 01:16 PM
I am selling my #1817 Asajj Ventress Clone Wars Maquette.
My asking price is $175. Buyer pays shipping. Add 3% if you prefer Paypal.

Please view my photos and read my description.


She has been displayed under glass and removed for the photos. I have the original box, packing materials and certificate of authenticity. Asajj displays very well as seen in the photo however it has had some damage that was repaired. The repaired damage really isn't visible until you look up close. The pegs of her lightsaber blades snapped off and had been glued to the lightsaber handles. A portion of one of her sashes has been chipped and subsequently repaired. There is a small scuff on top of her head that I only noticed when setting up to photograph. I've included links some macro photographs to show all the details I've described. Please be aware that the close ups are 200-300% larger than life so the details are exaggerated.


photo link (http://www.dirtboardx.com/brack/asajj001.jpg)
photo link (http://www.dirtboardx.com/brack/asajj003.jpg)
photo link (http://www.dirtboardx.com/brack/asajj004.jpg)
photo link (http://www.dirtboardx.com/brack/asajj005.jpg)