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08-27-2006, 03:47 PM
Space Battleship Yamato - Cosmo Fleet the Second Series Gashapon made by Mega House $58

Authentic Mega House Product, Released in Japan on July 26, 2006
A Complete Collection of Eight Starship Models
All models are sealed in their mint plastic boxes, only the outer paper boxes have been carefully opened to verify the content.

This series of trading models are very detail built and painted. All the outlines are pre-painted, which gives them a very realistic look. If these were model kits, it would take an experienced model builder more than a week to accomplish the same result. They have been discontinued in production for over a month now.

Space Battleship Yamato (comes with a CosmoTiger-II Starfighter),
Space Battleship Andromeda,
Main Battleship,
New Style Deslarís Ship,
Missile Ship,
Three Storied Carrier No. 1 (comes with a DOMEL DMF-03 Gamiras Starfighter),
Three Storied Carrier No. 2 (comes with a DOMEL DMB-87 Gamiras Dive Bomber),
Three Storied Carrier No. 3 (comes with a DOMEL DMB-97 Gamiras Torpedo Bomber).

I also have the Yamato Cosmo Fleet, the First Series (all five starships) for $30

Best Buy Exclusive Unleashed Darth Vader MINT in MINT box $25

I have many great stuff Iíd like to give away free to the buyers. If you are interested, you may e-mail me for details.

I offer a flat shipping rate of $8.75 on any number of the above items purchased. I accept PayPal, money order, cashierís check and personal check.

09-01-2006, 01:02 PM
I am a little surprised that nobody has showed any interest. Since both Series Two and Series One have been discontinued by the manufacture for a while, their eBay.com prices are getting higher. I post two closed auctions below for your reference.

This Series Two set was sold for $86 + shipping

This Series One set was sold for $29 + $28 shipping = $57.00

My price is much lower than the average eBay.com prices. If anyone has any comment about the price, you are welcome to leave it here.