View Full Version : Clone Wars,Exclusive,Ephant,Episode 1 HTF FS

08-13-2006, 02:27 PM
Clone Wars Kit Fisto--$20
Clone Wars Anakin Skywalker--$7
Clone Wars obi Wan--$7
Clone Wars Yoda--$7
Clone Wars Sasee Tiin--$15
EPhant Mon x 2(1 shelf wear)--$15 each
Boba Fett 300th figure--$13
Episode 1 Pit droids--$18
Episode 1 Swimming Jar Jar--$18
Episode 1 Naboo Royal Guard--$18
Episode 1 Holographic Sidious--$20
OTC Exclusive Wedge(shelf wear)---$10

buy the whole thing above and I will ship for free!