View Full Version : Spare Parts Needed

08-07-2006, 04:49 PM
Hey Guys I'm looking for some Spare Parts, My fooder bin is not very organized right now so I'll post the price I'll pay for the parts I need. Once I get my fodder organized, I post the pics for trades.

Here's what I need:

Saga Snowtrooper Torsos $2

Bossk Bust-Up Torsos $2

Japaneese Imperial Marines Legs and Waist ( 21st Century Toys) $3

BBI Army and Navy Seal Arms (Green or Tan Only) $2

Any Imperial Officers Head with a Cap $2

Genral Veers Helmets $3

Snowtrooper Back Pack Packs $2

Saga TIE Fighter Pilot Chest Box $2

Saga AT-AT Driver Chest Box $2

Saga AT-AT Driver Helmet $3

POTF2 AT-AT Driver Helmet $3