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"So, if we can trust that those critins will be no more." Harwood sneered, "Of course if you and your men had done your job correctly in the first place-there would be no smuggling trade."
"We can only work to rid the Empire of these traitorous elements sir." Cody replied, like a true Clone.
"Naturally, but of course, if you had done such a job during Order 66, you would have found you and your squad posted more favourably to begin with." Harwood raised an eyebrow.

A junior Officer scurried to the Major's side. "Major Harwood, sir."

"What is it?" Harwood turned around sharply.
"Sir, our intelligence officer working within the group of traitors has given us the coordinates of their secret hide-out." replied the junior officer.
"Secret no more." Harwood said with glee.

"Order the 27th regiment down on them like a bloody tonne of bricks!" Harwood snapped.
"Yes Major." replied the junior officer as he turned to carry out his orders.

Back at the hide-out...Baz, Rolan and Aakie were discussing their plans.
"So, if Baz and I go on board with Tippeto-we can disable the gunnery stations." Rolan said.
"I'll take the shield station." Aakie said.

"Are you sure about that Aakie." Rolan questioned, "With an attack, the shield station will be heavily monitored."
"It's a tough job, but someone's gotta do it." Aakie said proudly.
"And that someone has to be you?" Baz asked sarcastically.
"Precisely." Aakie smiled, "Who else?"

At that moment, Commodore Wolverton arrived. "Hello chaps."
"Ah, how are you?" Baz asked.
"Very well thanks." Wolverton smiled, "So, I hear your plans, but what am I to do when we attack?"

Baz smiled, "You'll be coming with us."
"On board the Illustrious you mean?"
"Precisely." Baz smiled, "Someone's gotta show us the way to the gunnery stations and everything."

Meanwhile a scout Trooper repotred his findings to his commander...

"Sir, the ex-commodore is there as well." The Soldier reported.
"Excellent-not only do we destroy that band of scum." Harwood paused for thought, "But we capture that traitor as well."

Major Harwood turned to his squad leader, "Commander, let;s destroy them! Move your men out!"

"Yes Major." replied the Clone Commander.
Harwood smiled, Promotion all round. he thought with a smile.

"Warnings sir." Sergeant Tierney said with concern.
Harwood turned to face in, "What was that sergeant?"
"With respect sir." Tierney said, wishing that he hadn't said anything at all, "These smugglers are good fighters sir"
"Just because they bested you and your men, hardly means that the 27th regiment will be beaten." Harwood smiled.

Back in the hide-out, Hankiel and Rolan conferred about recent events.
"I still can't believe that we had anything to do with provoking those attacks." Rolan said shaking his head, "Why would an escaped neimoidian provoke such a terrible response?"
"The Empire is like that. You humiliated them Rolan." Hankiel said slowly, "I fear that if we fail to succeed then the whole of Naboo is going to suffer, and suffer terribly."

The 27th regiment moved quietly into position...creeping behing the stone walls that surrounded the hide-out.

"I still refuse to believe that we will fail." Aakie said shaking his head.
Hankiel shrugged, "I'm not saying that we will fail, but we have to look at the if!"
"You worry too much." aakie said waving his hand before Hankiel.

The Clone Corporal peered around the corner...spying the trio of smugglers talking.

He turned to his squad, "Right men, let's move out."
With that signal, the Clones of the 27th regiment stormed the hide-out.

"Bloody hell!" Rolan shouted as the Clone squad leapt through the vines that had kept the hide-out hidden for so long...

Rolan pulled his blaster from his holster, there was no way he was giving up the base and his cause without a fight!

Upon hearing the sudden gunfire, the rest of the group all spun around from the secure part of the hide-out.
"W-what is that?!" Lushros exclaimed, terribly frightened once again.
"That sounds like Imperial blasters!" Wolverton said, a sudden chill running down his spine!

"There are too many of them!" Hankiel said pessimistically!.
"Shut up and get behind me you little-!" Aakie yelled, firing, fending off the Clone Squad for as long as he could.

Rolan was faring quite well against the squad as they ran between the secret lanes running through the maze of stone work.

Likewise Baz was keeping many Clones at bay, just as effectiviely as Rolan. Indeed the two were equally matched at combat.

Baz spun around, firing mercilessly into the Clone behind him..."Take that you..." he was going to curse and swear but then thought he'd rather just kill them and get on with the job.

After hearing the commotion, Tey Tippeto leapt over the stone wall, from his sentry post, facing the opposite direction...

Landing ontop of a Clone soldier, Tippeto whirled up, aiming his rifle...

And he saw something that presented itself as a small problem...

"Damn it!" Tippeto exclaimed. "This is where the fighting begins then. Five on one! Hardly fair now is it?"

"Men, shoot him!" The corporal snapped.
All the clones obeyed and whirled their blasters to point and destroy Tey Tippeto, the famed Neimoidian warrior.

But in a whirl of speed, Tippeto spun around, firing at rapid speed from his blaster rifle. Taking out two Clones in a split second.

...and the other three in the next split second...

Tey Tippeto then stood back to observe his handiwork.
He smiled, "Thank you gentlemen. My firing skills were rusty, and still need some work, but you did grand to show me the skills once again."
He winked at the dead bodies and then ran on...

"What the hell are we going to do?" Wolverton asked.
Pola rubbed his head, "There is a back passage that leads to the ship, which is hidden in the swamp-out of the reach from the Empire."

"I suggest we make a break for it." Pola said. "It's before schedule, but it looks to me as if our hide-out is no longer secure."
He beckoned the group to quickly move towards the secret passage that led to the swamp.

Wolverton nodded, "So we move the plans forward, but are we even prepared for such action?"
"Such action will have to go ahead now because the Empire has located us." Pola replied, "There is no other option!"

Aakie and Hankiel were still holding off the Clones at the entrance.
"How many of them are there?" Hankiel shouted above the heavy sound of exchanging gunfire.

"Plenty." Aakie replied, "But enough to take care of. On my mark, we charge them."
"What?!" Hankiel exclaimed in horror, not taking in what Aakie had just said.
"Charge them!" Aakie replied.

"Like this!" aakie shouted as he ran, taking out several Clones with his gunfire and sheer strength.
Clones were thrown in all directions.

As Hankiel ran forward, a lone Clone leapt out from behind and released a round, hitting the Naboo Officer in the back.
Dropping him to his knees and then the ground.

Hankiel struggled to grab his pistol, to defend himself from the clones behind him. But another Clone appeared, his foot landing squarly on Hankiel's pistol.
He was done for now!

The Clone kicked Hankiel onto his back, pain and fear paralysed the Captain, as he rolled over, now facing up at the Imperials.

The two Clones looked at each other, and nodded.

"P-Please!" Hankiel pleaded, "L-Let me live. I-I beg you, I'll give you anything."
His whimpering had no effect on the Clones, who had been breed not to respond to such emotions and tactics.

On the other side of the hide-out, Baz and Rolan were both taking on the squad, in hand to hand combat-a method they both preferred!
They slammed the Clones against the stone wall, taking the wind out of their bodies.
"How many have you snagged?" Baz asked.
"Fifteen." Rolan replied.
"Doubt that-more like ten if I would say." Baz replied in a cocky manner.

They swung the Clones back from the wall again.
"How many have you had then?" Rolan asked.
"Me, eh, twenty!" Baz replied proudly.
"Doubt it!" Rolan replied, "More like five!"

They both then slammed the Clones back against the wall.
Both Clones were severely winded, and unable to react to stop the assault.
"I still bet I got more than you!" Baz shouted.
"Unlikely." Rolan replied, "You cocky nerf herder!"

"I'd bet twenty hundred credits on it!" Baz smiled.
They both swung the Clones back again...

And then crashed them together, the Clones both groaned and went silent and limp.
"See, that counts as two for me!" Baz smiled.
"Two to me." Rolan replied, "It was my idea anyhow."

The two, still biggering about who had killed more Clones, turned and ran towards the back exit of the hide-out where they knew the rest would be.

Before they got to the exit, they came across the blastered shot body of Captain Hankiel.
"Mother of asteroid Baroy!" Rolan whispered.
"Poor dude!" Baz nodded, he looked back at Rolan, "Come on, he's not much good to us now."

The group assembled in the back of the hide-out, as the squad of Clones tore through the main sections, hell bent on finding the rest of the group.

"Where's Hankiel?" Wolverton asked, deeply concerned.

"He didn't make it." Baz said solemnly, "Sorry mate."
Wolverton's eyes wavered, "He...He's dead?"
Baz nodded, "Imperials got him-I'm really really sorry. We found him, there was nothing anyone could have done."

Pola paused, allowing himself to take in that they had lost one of their team, "Right then. I memory of Hankiel's dead, we shall vow to destroy that damned ship! But for now, let's quickly get out of here before we lose any more of us."


Not long later, Major Harwood arrived on the scene.
He surveyed the scene, and sighed deeply and thoughtfully.

"How many of our troops down?" Harwood demanded.
"Twenty two sir." The Sergeant replied.
"Twenty two?!" Harwood gasped, deeply angry, "And how many of those scum were killed?"
The Sergeant paused, "One sir."

"What the bloody hell have you been doing?! Running around with your guns still in your holsters?!" Harwood blew up, "For the sake of mother and child. You are meant to be the best and you can't even tackle a group of bloody smugglers?!"
"Sorry Major, but they had the advantage." the sergeant began, "The cover and knowledge of this network of stone structures."
Harwood was going to continue, but he stopped, his blood pressure was already far too high.

He turned to a Corporal, "Find those bloody traitors. And when you return, you shall be promoted to sergeant, your sergeant is taking leave...permanately!"

The group wandered through the swamps of Naboo.
"How much further?" Moaned Lushros Dofine, "My pins are killing me. And my robes-urgg, so dirty."
"Stop complaining you wimp!" Tippeto snapped from on ahead.

"I still can't believe that Hankiel is dead." Wolverton said slowly at the back of the group.
"he died for a cause that he believed in. Surely that's enough to make his death less painful." Ric replied.

"You're not still moaning about that blessed man are you. Anyone would think you were in love with him." Tippeto snapped to Wolverton.

"What the hell did you say?" Wolverton growled, deeply angered by Tippeto's apparant lack of sorrow for Hankiel's death.
"Hey, just leave it." Ric advised.
"No-No I bloody won't!" Wolverton growled through clenched teeth.

"You just watch what you say!" Wolverton snapped.
"Or what-you gonna kill me are yer?" Tippeto replied smiling mockingly.
"He was a better man than you'll ever be." Wolverton snapped.

"Correct!" Tippeto replied, "Because according to your Empire, us neimoidians aren't worthy of citizenship, we are animals. So you watch it. eh? I may just decide to take revenge for what the Empire has done to our race out on you sonny!"

"They'll be no need for arguments within our team." Pola called. "Tippeto, cut that man some slack, and Wolverton, keep out of Tey's way okay."

Back at Theed, Governor Tarkin was granted a meeting with Queen Kylantha.
"So, your highness, I see that your government hasn't yet complied with Imperial laws on taxation." Tarkin sneered.
"With respect Governor, we are trying to ammend that law to apply to Naboo. It simply-" The Queen began.
"That won't do." Tarkin snapped back, "Comply with the Senate's word, or I'll push for a replacement for your position. Is that clear?"

The young Queen decided to change the subject, "What was the motive behind the attacks two days ago on the southern region of Theed-that village was historic. Over a hundred people were killed. Why?"
"Traitors!" Tarkin said blandly, "They were all traitors-scum-and for such a reason, they were disposed of. We have no time for traitorous elements in the Empire."

"Can I be assured that there will be no further attacks such as this without my knowledge?" The Queen asked.
"Naturally." Tarkin smiled. "Now good day to you m'lady."

With that, the Queen of Naboo turned and left the Governor of the Empire standing in the office.

"Her courage is to be admired." Tarkin said.
"What are we to do?" Colonel Sandhurst asked.

"What do you mean?" Tarkin asked, turning to face the Colonel.
"Tell her about the gas attacks?" Sandhurst asked.
"Of course not!" Snapped the Governor. "Now, go and inform Captain Frigit to prepare for attack, and then ready my shuttle, immediately."

"Yes Govenor." Colonel Sandhurst bowed, before leaving the room.
Governor Tarkin thought deep and hard, this attack would not only solidify the Emperor's rule on Naboo, but would also place Tarkin in a position that would be favourable with the Emperor, and help him aquire more funds to build his dream, the DEATH STAR.

The group arrived at their ship, and boarded, all assembling on the bridge.

"Garindan!" Pola greeted his old friend, "Is the ship still okay? All in order?"
"Sure it is." Garindan replied, the Kubaz had been hired to keep an eye on the ship while the preparations were in order.
"We're leaving earlier than planned." pola said.
"I gathered." Garindan replied.

"Captain, your position on the bridge." Pola pointed to the Captain's seat.
"Thank you." Lushros replied, "and we shall commence as planned."
"Naturally, only earlier." Pola smiled.

"everyone's ready Pola." Baz reported.
"Good." Pola replied, he glanced back at Lushros, "Ready to take off, when you are Captain."
"We have prepared the stolen codes to aquire passage off of Naboo." Rolan pointed out.
"Excellent." Pola smiled.

Wolverton and Ric both looked on from the back of the bridge, as the scheme unfolded before them.
From here, their destiny would be laid before them...either the Illustrious would be destroyed, or they would be.

"All ready to take off, when you are Captain." Pola said.
"I'm ready." Lushros nodded.
"Well, let's get this show on the road!" Pola said gleefully.

With that Lushros Dofines started up the ship's engines, and the mission was on...


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