View Full Version : Deluxe POTF2 Bootlegs MOC from Greece

07-26-2006, 02:59 PM
Picked these up on the island of Crete in a little toy store back in 1998 and hand carried them back to the US.

These are knock offs of the POTF2 deluxe Han, Luke and Stormtrooper and Biker Scout with Speeder Bike. Ironically the Han is on a Stormtrooper backing and the other three are all on Han backings.

No UPC on the package, but the CE European mark is there. Back of card show the 3 deluxe figures, Speeder Bike, Swoop Bike, Snowspeeder, Outrider, SOTE figures and the SOTE 2 packs.

These are bootlegs and so the quality of the card stock and bubble is not up to Kenner standards.

The paint jobs and quality of the accesories is what makes these fun!

Pictures available upon request.

$11 each (to cover my original 1300 Dracmas cost) plus shipping.

PayPal or money order only, please.