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07-17-2006, 12:54 PM
Hi everybody,

I posted this in the Props section by mistake. I got all this stuff from a friend but I'm not much of a collector so everything is up for sale.

Here's a list of everything I got and a price for them. I would definitely prefer to make a deal with someone who is interested in taking all of it as opposed to selling them in pieces but hey, whatever works...I'm flexible so feel free to make an offer on these.

Action Figures: $35 for the lot

1. Princess Leia Organa as Jabba’s Prisoner Power Of The Force Green Card MOC (Kenner/Collection 1)
2. Chewbacca with Bowcaster and Heavy Blaster Rifle Power Of The Force Green Card MOC – Autographed by Peter Mayhew (Kenner/Collection 1)
3. Boba Fett with Sawed Off Blaster Rifle and Jet Pack Power Of The Force Red Card MOC – Autographed by Jeremy Bulloch (Kenner)
4. Darth Maul (Jedi Duel) with Double Bladed Lightsaber and Commtech chip Episode I (Hasbro/Collection 1)
5. Anakin Skywalker (Tatooine) with Backpack and Grease Gun and Commtech Chip Episode I (Hasbro/Collection 1)
6. Mace Windu with Lightsaber and Jedi Cloak and Commtech Chip Episode I (Hasbro/Collection 3)
7. Darth Maul Deluxe with Lightsaber Swinging Action Episode I (Hasbro)

Books: $65 for all

1. Star Wars Galactic Phrase Book and Travel Guide – Ballantine (2001) / Ben Burtt
2. Star Wars The Visual Dictionary Hardcover – DK Publishing (1998) / David West Reynolds
3. Star Wars Jabba’s Palace Pop-Up Book Featuring the Original Star Wars Music Hardcover – Warner/Tamerlane (1996) / Kevin Anderson/Rebecca Molesta
4. Star Wars The Magic Of Myth – Companion Volume To The Exhibition At The National Air and Space Museum of the Smithsonian Institution – Bantam Double Day Dell Publishing (1997) / Mary Henderson
5. The Art Of Star Wars Episode IV – A New Hope – Ballantine Books (1994) / Ed. Carol Titelman
6. The Art Of Star Wars Episode V – The Empire Strikes Back – Ballantine (1994) / Ed. Deborah Call
7. The Art Of Star Wars Episode VI – The Return Of The Jedi – Ballantine (1994)

TV Guides: $15 for all - these are all sealed in plastic

1. The Phantom Menace Set (Issues 1-4 May 15-21, 1999)
2. The Dark Slide - The Star Wars Saga Continues (Holographs) (Issues 1-3 May 11-17, 2002)
3. Star Wars Special Tribute (Anakin/Darth Vader Holograph) (Issue 1 May 1-7, 2002)
4. Star Wars Special Tribute (Chancellor Holograph) (May 1-7 2002)

Magazines: $90 for all - these are all sealed in plastic

1. Star Wars Blowout – Anakin Skywalker (cover) (Premiere May 2005)
2. Star Wars Episode I – The Phantom Menace (Official Souvenir Magazine Deluxe Chrome Cover 1999)
3. The Hyping Of Star Wars – The Phantom Menace (Newsweek May 1999)
4. Star Wars Behind The Scenes Of Episode 2 - Natalie Portman/Hayden Christensen (cover) (Entertainment Weekly Apr 2002)
5. Our Guide To ‘99 - The Phantom Menace (Entertainment Weekly 1999)
6. Inside Star Wars – The Stars, The Creatures, The Crew (cover)(Entertainment Weekly May 1999)
7. A First Look At Star Wars Episode 1 – The Phantom Menace – Young Obi Wan Kenobi (cover) (Entertainment Weekly Mar 1999)
8. The New Face Of Star Wars – Hayden Christensen (cover) Entertainment Weekly June 2000)
9. Star Wars Episode I Secrets Revealed Special Collectors Issue (Cinescape Insider Oct 1998)
10. Star Wars The Phantom Menace Preview – Birth Of A Villain – Darth Vader (cover) (Cinescape Insider Special Collectors Issue Mar 1999)
11. Harrison Ford (cover) (People Weekly Nov 1998)
12. The Best Of Star Wars Magazine 1998
13. The Beauty Of Star Wars/Inside The Making Of Episode II – Natalie Portman (cover) (Premiere June 2002)
14. Official Star Wars 20th Anniversary Commemorative Magazine (1977-1997) Darth Vader (cover) (1996)
15. The Stars On Star Wars – Qui-Gon Jin/Obi Wan Kenobi (cover) (Sci-Fi Entertainment July 1999)
16. Star Wars Special – Darth Vader (cover) (Sci-Fi Feb 1998)
17. Preview Star Wars Episode I The Phantom Menace - Darth Vader (cover) (Sci-Fi Flix Summer 1999)
18. Star Wars Blowout – Boba Fett (cover) (Sci-Fi World Special Collectors Issue Winter 1998)
19. Star Wars Insider Magazine – Jawas (cover) Issue 36 (1997)
20. Star Wars Insider Magazine – Mace Windu (cover) Issue 55 (2001)
21. Star Wars Insider Magazine – Darth Vader (cover) Issue 39(1998)
22. Star Wars Insider Magazine – Darth Maul (cover) Issue 42
23. Star Wars Insider Magazine - Anchorhead and Sandstorm Issue 35
24. Star Wars Insider Magazine – X-Wing (cover) Issue 40
25. Star Wars Insider Magazine – Revenge Of The Sith – Qui-Gon Jin and Darth Maul (cover) Issue 43
26. The Last Star Wars – Darth Vader (cover) (TIME Magazine May 2005)
27. Yoda Strikes Back – Yoda (cover) (TIME Magazine Apr 2002)
28. Ewan McGregor (cover) (Vanity Fair Dec 1998)
29. The Cult Of Darth Vader – Darth Vader (cover) (Rolling Stone Jun 2005)

Portfolios: $30 for both

1. The Star Wars Episode IV - Return Of The Jedi Portfolio by Ralph McQuarrie (1983)
2. The Phantom Menace Lithograph Portfolio by Doug Chiang

Miscellaneous Toys and Games: $25 for all

1. Star Wars Customizable Card Game (Parker Brothers 1995)
2. Star Wars Bust-Ups Micro Bust Model Kit Series 1 – Yoda
3. Yoda’s Jedi Destiny (Taco Bell/Pizza Hut Promo)
4. Darth Vader Keepsake Ornament (Hallmark 2002)
5. Boba Fett Pez Dispenser
6. Yoda Pez Dispenser
7. Star Wars Masterpiece Edition – Anakin Skywalker: The Story of Darth Vader (Limited Edition) Deluxe Illustrated History and Exclusive Anakin Skywalker Large Collector Figure
8. Darth Vader and Yoda Magic Cube – Taco Bell Toy
9. Millenium Falcon Ripcord Gyro – Taco Bell Toy
10. Floating Cloud City – Taco Bell Toy
11. Balancing Boba Fett – Taco Bell Toy
12. Yoda Figure – Taco Bell Toy