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06-30-2006, 11:02 AM
I was cleaning out my closet the other weekend and i decided to part with a few of the extra items in my collection. All items are marked with their prices and shipping is not included. As for payment, I can accept paypal or checks/money orders. Please PM me or email me off list at keisman@gmail.com if you are interested in anything or you would like to see pictures. My feedback can be found in my signature. I also have 170+ Ebay feedback and 90+ confirmed transactions on Paypal.
Jason Keiser

12” (Sealed, MIB)
Obi-wan Kenobi Tattooine Encounter $7
Luke Skywalker Collector Series (Dark Blue) $9
Han Solo Collectors Series (Dark Blue) $9
Darth Maul & Sith Speeder $15
Chewbacca in Chains (Fury) $7

12” (Unsealed, in box)
Darth Vader Collectors Series $7

12” (Loose, Complete)
Zam Wessel x2 $4

Freeze Frame Carded Figures (MOC, cards in c8-c9) $3 each
Lando Calrissian in General’s Gear
Bespin Han Solo
Han Solo in Endor Gear
Obi-wan (Ben) Kenobi
Princess Leia Organa Ewok Celebration
Chewbacca as Boushh’s Bounty

Carded Figures Misc (Mint c9, MOC)
Saga Luke Skywalker Bespin Duel Bloody Stump $4
Saga Holographic Luke Skywalker Jabba’s Palace $4

Carded Figures Misc (MOC, cards in c7-c8) $3 each
Orange Card C-3PO .00
Orange Card Chewbacca .00
Orange Card Luke Skywalker Short Saber .00
Green Card Stormtrooper .01
Green Card Holo Princess Leia as Jabba’s Prisoner .00
Green Card Holo Emperor Palpatine .00
Green Card Han Solo

Army Builders (MOC, most cards c7-c9) ($3 each unless marked)
EPI Qui-Gon Jinn (Naboo)
EPI Obi-wan Kenobi (Naboo)
EPI Darth Maul (Jedi Duel)
EPI Battle Droid (Clean, Blasted)
POTJ Leia Organa Bespin Escape
POTJ Luke Skywalker X-Wing Pilot
POTJ Bespin Guard
FF Princess Leia Organa in Hoth Gear
ROTS Clone Troopers 3-pack (Brown) $8
ROTS Deluxe General Grevious $6
POTJ Lando Calrissian Bespin Escape
Saga Endor Rebel Soldier
FF Endor Rebel Soldier x3

Loose Figures:
AOTC Preview Clone Trooper $3
AOTC Blue Clone Trooper 3 pack $7 (for the set)
POTJ Gungan Warrior $2
AOTC Obi-wan Pilot w/ Cloak $3
Clone Wars Anakin Pilot $3
ROTS/AOTC 3-pack clones loose ($2 each)
-Standing White w/ Rifle
-Standing White w/ Rifle
-Lying White w/ Blaster
-Kneeling White w/ Blaster
-Lying Blue trooper
-Kneeling Green trooper

Heir to the Empire Vol. 1 $2
Tales from the Empire (Fett Cover) $2

2005 Hallmark Darth Vader ESB Ornament (MIB) $8
C-3PO Bust-up $2

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12” (Loose, Complete)
Exclusive Greedo $4
Death Star Droid $4
Zam Wessel $4
Luke Skywalker Hoth w/ Wampa $15

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