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06-30-2006, 09:31 AM
got fixed up by a fellow 'scummer

I am interested in the 12" Ultimate jango Fett. Can be loose/complete, does not need to be boxed.

Here is my complete trade/sell list:

The list of what I have for trade is below. What I am looking for is listed at the bottom. My biggest wants right now are indicated with ****High Priority****. Loose/mint/complete figures are fine, I open anyway ;-)
Please e-mail me at lazarusgundam@yahoo.com if you are looking to get rid of anything I am looking for. I have completed several trades on this board & others, plus have tons of feedback on eBay (under User ID LazarusGundam) so you can trade with confidence. Looking forward to hearing from you.

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Star Wars: Gentle Giant Bust-Ups – Hoth Han Solo variant (clear blue)

Marvel Legends Giant-Man series – Variant AOA Wolverine – MOC

ML12 BAF Apocalypse (blue version) – complete (including both arm hoses)

ML BAF Galactus pieces – arm, leg, head
ML BAF Sentinel Pieces – arm
ML BAF Onslaught pieces – right arm, left arm, leg
ML BAF Giant-Man pieces – Sentry arm piece x2

ML Face-Off Unmasked Captain America

ML 10 Cyclops (loose, no BAF part)
ML 10 Angel (loose, no BAF part)
ML 10 Black Panther (loose, no BAF part)
ML 10 Omega Red (loose, no BAF part)
ML 10 FA Spidey (loose, no BAF part)
ML 10 Mister Sinister (loose, no BAF part)

ML 12 Maestro (loose, no BAF part)
ML 12 Wolverine (loose, no BAF part)
ML 12 Sasquatch (loose, no BAF part)
ML 12 Iron Fist (loose, no BAF part)
ML 12 Bishop (loose, no BAF part)

ML 9 Dr. Strange (loose, no BAF part)

DC Direct Parallax – MOC
DC Direct Plastic Man (Alex Ross version) MOC
DC Direct Perry White – MOC
DC Direct Robot Superman – MOC

DC Superheroes Superman (loose)
DC Superheroes Bizarro (loose)
DC Superheroes Doomsday (loose)

DC Direct Long Halloween Batman (loose/complete)
DC Direct Batman (from JLA box set – loose/complete)

Kenner DC Superheroes Joker
Kenner LOTDK Bane

** I have more DC Direct and Marvel Legends I am clearing out. Let me know what you need and I will see what I have.

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I am an opener, so damaged packages and loose/mint/complete figures are fine

Star Wars 12” Ultimate Jango Fett

Marvel Legends Giant Man Wave: “mustard yellow” Sentry variant

DC Direct: Elseworlds – Red Son Wonder Woman

DC Direct: SA Superman - Jimmy Olsen

DC Direct: New Frontier - Blackhawk

Cable/Deadpool TPB vol.1 – If Looks Could Kill
Cable/Deadpool TPB vol. 2 – Burnt Offering
Cable/Deadpool TPB vol. 3 – The Human Race
Cable/Deadpool TPB vol. 4 – Bosom Buddies

Star Wars Bust-Ups: Leia (variant)
Star Wars Bust-Ups: Yoda (series 4)
Star Wars Bust-Ups: C-3PO

Star Wars Unleashed: Boba Fett
Star Wars Unleashed: White Clone Trooper
Star Wars Unleashed: Darth Sidious
Star Wars Unleashed: Yoda
Star Wars Unleashed: Jedi Luke
Star Wars Unleashed: Jango Fett
Star Wars Unleashed: Chewbacca (original)
Star Wars Unleashed: Tusken Raider
Star Wars Unleashed: IG-88
Star Wars Unleashed: Aurra Sing

06-30-2006, 01:10 PM
pm coming your way.