View Full Version : FS: Star Wars Miniatures from all sets!

06-26-2006, 10:34 PM
I have the following extra Star Wars Miniatures from WOTC for sale. All sales are US only and buyer is responsible for shipping. I ship UPS ground in a box so everything is protected. If you buy two or more miniatures I will throw in 5 common/uncommon minis free. Please PM me if interested.

Jaina Solo VR x2 $10 each
Darth Malak VR $10
Queen Amidala R $5
Commander Cody R $5
Luke Skywalker Young Jedi VR $10
Corran Horn R $5
Even Piell R $5

Prince Xizor VR $9
Luke on Tauntaun R $5
Guri R $4
Flash Speeder Huge x4 $2 each
Acklay Huge x2 $2 each

Shaak Ti R $4
Bail Organa VR $8
Captain Antilles R $5

Lando Calrissian R $3
Chewbacca R x2 $3
C-3PO R x2 $3
Greedo R $3