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06-07-2006, 02:55 PM
Cards Sets 10.00 each cheaper for multiples

Episode 1 WV Series 1 - Multiples
SWG Series 1
SW Vehicles
Ikon Episode 1 Set
SW Finest
SW:Trilogy SE Widevision
Sealed Mastervisions Box (20.00)


Okay- Here it goes-- its a long list
Im going to list by expansion and Mini # because I dont want to type all the words out. The following all have their corresponding cards.

Rebel Storm #59(9x),58(9x),57(6x),54(3x),53(8x),51(1x),49(2x), 47(1x),45(2x),44(1x),41(8x),37(2x),36(1x),35(2x),3 2(3x),20(8x),19(10x),18(7x),17(9x),16(1x),15(2x),8 (5x),6(8x),5(3x),1(2x)
Total 113

Clone Strike

59(1x),58(4x),57(1x),56(2x)55(4x),54(4x),53(3x),52 (3x),51(5x),49(4x),47(3x),46(5x),42(2x),41(4x),34( 1x),31(3x),30(2x),29(3x),28(5x),20(2x),15(1x),14(3 x)

Total- 65


60(2x),55(3x),54(5x),53(4x),52(4x),48(4x),44(4x),4 3(1x),40(5x),39(4x),38(2x),36(2x),35(2x),28(1x),27 (1x),26(3x),25(4x),22(3x),18(1x),16(5x),12(1x),2(2 x)

Total- 63

Universe Huge-

60(5x),59(1x),56(1x),55(3x),54(1x),46(5x),44(2x),3 2(2x),31(3x),27(2x),18(2x),12(4x),11(1x),10(5x),6( 1x),3(1x)

Total 39

Grand Total 280

I will also include 7 more RS minis with no cards and
4 Rares with no cards (you can usually get replacement cards in a request from WOC)

RS- Greedo, Darth Vader-Dark Jedi, R2-D2
CS- Durge

I will also include the ROTS Starter Kit Pieces.
(Die, Counters, Gameboard, 2 Rule Books (Quick Start and Advanced)

All for a total of 85.00 shipped (if you are in the U.S)

I also have some rares (with cards)

3.00 a piece

Rebel Storm- Veers,Dengar,Tarkin,R2-D2
ROTS-Antillies,Tarfful,Agen Kolar,Sly Moore,Destroyer Droid