View Full Version : lego m.falcon,at-te,tie fighter..ect for sale

05-28-2006, 12:57 PM
hello everyone,

im getting rid of my extra stuff:Everything must go!

Dont Have Paypal..I Do Take M.order!
Several Feedback's Can Be Provided From Several Sites
Buyer Pay's shipping..every package will have conf# on it!
No Pic's..Sorry

Im Also Willing To Trade..
Wanted List:
ep2 clonetrooper's


Millenium Falcon..Set# 7190..asking $90
(im willing to help pay half for shipping with-in the u.s only)
With Instructions
With Box
No Figures

V-Wing..Set# 6205..asking $5
With Instructions
No Figures
No Box

4x Clone Scout Walker..Set# 7250..asking $3 each
No Clonepilot
No box

Tie Fighter..Set # 7263..asking $10
With Instruction
No Figures
No Box

AT-TE..Set# 4482..asking $90
(im willing to help pay half for shipping with-in the u.s only)
No Figures
No box
Stickers Unapplied(c9)
With Instructions

Twin-Pod Cloud Car..Set# 7119..asking $5
No Figure
No Box
With Instructions..C8

3x Speeder Bikes..asking $3.50 each
1 speeder bike is from ewok attack set# 7139
2 speeder bikes comes from speeder bike set# 7128

Jedi Starfighter and Vulture Droid..asking $13.50
With Instructions
No Figure
Sticker's unapplied

Spider-Man(Doc Ocks Hideout)Set# 4856..asking $15
With Instructions
With All Figures
With Stickers Unapplied
(99.9% complete,only thing missing is the blue plateform)

5x Complete White Lego Figures..asking $1.25 each
(I was gonna use them to customize some snowies)
Each Figure Comes With:
1 Black head
1 Pair White Left/Right Arms
1 Pair Left/Right Hands
1 Pair White Left/Right Leg's
1 Light Gray Hips

Other Stuff:

fujifilm digital camera memory card:..asking $12.50
Used,But We'll Tken Care-Off..Used Like 7-9 Times Only
128 mb
xd-picture card
comes with:
hard thick plastic case for m.card

Vintage Starwars Lando Calrissan General..asking $40
Barrowed Picture..not my pic:
Comes with Orginal Cape
No Paint Chip/ or Wear
No Coin
No Blaster

1986" Dr.Mindbender..C9 complete..asking $7
With All Weapons

1985" Tomax/Xomat...C9..asking $10
With 2x C9.5 Blaster's

ty's for viewing