View Full Version : WTB Kubricks, 400% Kubricks, Medicom etc

05-27-2006, 10:45 PM
I am looking to start into Kubrick collecting.

Willing to pay top dollar for complete sets of each series.

Also willing to trade a large army of stormtroopers, Utapau clones, shocks and 501st. I have 40 Utapau clones, 8 Shocks, 25 501st, 12 Commtech Troopers, 4 Clone Evolution sets, 2 EE Exclusive AOTC sets, 10 ROTS pilots, 2 shadow pilots, all aforementioned troopers are loose. Loose complete FAO Fambaa, Target Exclusive Tie Fighter Loose, Loose ROTS Gunship, Mint TRU CW Gunship and more to list later

I dont care if the Kubricks are loose or packaged. If 400% prefer packaged. Done hesiate to PM!