View Full Version : FS Figure Stands and SAGA Holos

04-17-2006, 09:07 AM
Hey guys, I've got 15 SAGA06 figure stands and 6 SAGA06 mini holos up for grabs. I'm getting rid of tese as a lot only. $12 shipped in the US (or make an offer WITH SHIPPING INCLUDED). PM me if interested! The brakdown is as follows:

6X Utapau Clone Trooper Fig Stands
General Veers Fig Stand
Anakin Skywalker Fig Stand
Firespeeder Pilot Fig Stand
Snowtrooper Fig Stand
4X AT-AT Driver Fig Stands
Star Wars CLONE WARS Fig Stand

and the holos (all blue) are:

2X Emperor
2X Dooku
Rebel Soldier
Darth Maul

Thanks guys,