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Several conditions apply:

1) I require payment immediately through PayPal (instant payment, not e-check). So if you see something you want, PM me and I'll consider it sold and send you back the email addy to send an instant payment to.

2) No unconfirmed PayPal mailing addresses please.

First person to clearly state their intention to purchase an item in a PM to me gets the item, regardless of who replies first here. Then an instant PayPal payment would be expected within 24 hours. Items will be well packaged & labeled, and will be shipped in 2-3 days after payment has been secured on my end. If you require special mailing features such as insurance etc, this may be extra.

If you need to know more about me you can check me out on eBay (ID = dakkman) where I have 100% feedback after 7 years.


Star Wars Fan Club Exclusive Galoob Micro Machines Gift Pack (Image) (http://oberon.ark.com/~leifg/fanclubgiveaway.jpg)

Back in the early-mid 90's, before the POTF2 release, the SW Fan Club put together a special gift for each of it's members. It was this Galoob Micro Machines Star Wars Fan Club Exclusive Gift Pack (http://www.rebelscum.com/mmswfc.asp) featuring Han Solo & the Millenium Falcon. It's a limited edition and only 26,000 few made. A second such gift pack with Darth Vader & Star Destroyer was later mailed out but since the Star Wars Fan Club membership had significantly increased by the time of the second gift pack, the Vader & Star Destroyer edition was produced in much higher numbers (68,000). This Han & Falcon gift pack was the first & less common of the series. Price $20 US with free shipping (boxed, standard surface delivery) for the 10 Canadian provinces & continental US. Shipping everywhere else add $5 US.

Keep checking back as I may add new items.

Leif aka 'Dakk' (on RS) aka 'dakkman' (on eBay)

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