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03-18-2006, 02:09 AM
I got the complete set of the 6 14" M&M Star Wars plush characters that were available at the Las Vegas store and through different promotions throughout the US.

These are not the ones you could buy at WM....these are over twice the size of those cheaper ones...
Obi Wan and Anakin (http://images.snapfish.com/34655%3B485%7Ffp54%3Dot>232%3B%3D%3B7%3A%3D723%3DX ROQDF>232399597428%3Aot1lsi)
Vader and Mperor (http://images.snapfish.com/34655%3B485%7Ffp54%3Dot>232%3B%3D%3B7%3A%3D723%3DX ROQDF>23239959736%3B%3Aot1lsi)
Leia and Luke (http://images.snapfish.com/34655%3B485%7Ffp64%3Dot>232%3B%3D%3B7%3A%3D723%3DX ROQDF>23239959742%3A3ot1lsi)

I am selling the 6 of them for $85 plus shipping.

I am also willin gto trade (or work a partial trade) for some of the following:
CW Assj Ventres maquette
CW Luminara / Barriss Offee maquette
CW Anakin Skywalker maquette
GG C-3PO statue

03-24-2006, 12:00 AM

Price lowered to $70