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03-16-2006, 08:56 PM
Stuff for sale. All items are loose, mint, and complete unless stated otherwise. Most figures should have original accessories, but generic guys that come with blasters might have mixed up guns. Let me know if you need a specific accessory for a figure if you want it. I do not have a PayPal account (Sorry!) and will only accept money orders. US only please. I will be shipping USPS Priority Mail or Standard for 1-2 figure lots. You can ask me for shipping quotes. I will give discounts on shipping multiple items and give you a better deal for buying a bunch.

For sale:

Action Fleet Vader's TIE Fighter ($3)
Anakin's Podrader ($8)
Droid Starfighters ($6)
Tantive IV (not sure what line it is, it is a little over a foot long and has buttons that activate sound and little lights in the front) ($7)
Obi's Jedi Starfighter ($10)
TIE Fighter (no pilot) ($8)
Millennium Falcon (lights and sounds were fine, not sure about now, not sure about the inside accessories, though, but in good shape) ($20)

Cinema Scenes ($6):
POTF2 Final Duel (Luke vs. Vader)
EP1 Mos Espa Encounter

POTJ? Darth Vader vs. Obi-Wan 25th Anniversary 2-pack ($4)

SAGA Deluxe C-3PO w/ Battle Droid ($4)

$4 Items:
POTF2 Leia on Speeder Bike

$2 Items:
SAGA Deluxe Yoda (with base and crane, no SBD, no magnetic arm)
POTF2 Stormtrooper (with a hole in its back, missing something I think)
2x EP1 Naboo Security Guard (yellow) ($3 each)
(some Jedi figures don't have their sabers, ask if you need them)
SAGA Luminaria Unduli
SAGA Saesee Tiin
SAGA Ki-Adi Mundi
SAGA Bespin Luke

$1.50 Items:
POTF2 Yakface
POTF2 Tatooine Luke
POTF2 Ponda Boba
POTF2 Commtech Greedo
POTF2 Ceremonial Luke
POTF2? R2-D2 (has flashing light and sounds)
POTF2 Dagobah Luke
POTF2 Endor Han Solo (blue pants)
POTF2 Endor Leia
EP1 Qui-Gon from Opee Beast Pack
EP1 Jar Jar
EP1 Boss Nass
EP1 Padme (Tatooine)
EP1 Watto
EP1 Anakin (Tatooine)
EP1 Yoda (Jedi Council)
EP1 Obi-Wan
EP1 Qui-Gon
EP1 Darth Maul

LEGO Mos Espa Podrace ($28)
Jar Jar Mos Espa PEZ Dispenser ($2)
Action Fleet Remote Control AT-AT ($2)
AAT Droid Tank Desk Organizer ($5)
16" Mega Action Obi-Wan w/ Light-Up Saber ($5)
Darth Tater ($5)
18" Super-Poseable Spider-Man ($15)


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