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03-13-2006, 10:34 PM
They have all been opened, but have been displayed in a trio display case (except the Maul). They come with all of their original packaging, including the certificate of authenticity.

Darth Sidious ROTS Lightsaber $20 SOLD

Anakin Skywalker ROTS Lightsaber $20 SOLD

Mace Windu AOTC Lightsaber $20 SOLD

Count Dooku AOTC Lightsaber $40 PENDING

Darth Maul TPM Full-Size CS Excl. $75 SOLD
(Comes with enire CS membership kit)

Shipping will be $5 for each saber within the US. Hate to see these go, but sometimes other priorities come up, and things from my collection are usually the first things to be sacrificed. Please PM me with questions, and I can send photos upon request.

I know I am not known around these boards, but I am a constant visitor, just don't post. I do sell on ebay, and have a 100% feedback, which I am very determined to keep at that as I only have sold about 35 items. Please know you are buying from a fellow collector who will not take you to the cleaners. I do not know how to direct you to my ebay feedback, but my seller/buyer ID is fenway03. Hope that helps. Please PM me if someone can explain how I go about getting this information to people here. Thanks very much for looking, and have a nice day!

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