View Full Version : ESB Luke FX, Anakin Evolution, non-SW Misc. Sale

03-10-2006, 12:33 AM
ESB Luke F/X Saber (displayed, but not "played with" in mint condition) comes with box 85.00

Hasbro KB exclusive 12" Han/Luke Stormtrooper boxset MIMB 35.00

Wedge/Biggs Darklighter 12" Boxset MIMB 29.00

Anakin to Vader Evolution MIMB 20.00

Non-Star Wars
Ultimate 12" Hellboy from Sideshow (convention exclusive with horns) MIMB 50.00
Sideshow Abe Sapien 12" MIMB 20.00
Both Hellboy Sideshow 60.00
Vampire Buffy Sideshow 12" MIMB 20.00

SOTA Street Fighter figures Series 1 to 3 15 figures Loose, Mint, Complete 100.00 for set

Marvel Legends 12 Astonishing X-men Wolverine Unmasked Variant 18.00

PC Gaming System
P4 3.30 GHz
1 Gig of Ram
100 Gig Harddrive
Authentic Win XP
DVD Drive
DVD Burner
Radeon X800 XT Platinum 256 mem
Blue Neon Glow Gaming Keyboard
Aluminum Case with 550 Watt Power Supply, extra cooling and red neon lighting


Any more questions please ask. Just the Video card, blue neon gaming keyboard, and Lightscribe DVD burner would cost you 600 for parts so the rest of the PC is basically free. Shipping is actual cost, but keep in mind it could be high the farer away you live from me.

03-10-2006, 04:31 PM