View Full Version : WTB Republic Gunships & Utapau Clone Troopers

03-08-2006, 07:10 AM
Please help me build my army! I'm looking for a couple of Republic Gunships, preferably the 2002 Saga version. It would be neat if they came with the additional side turrets. I'm also in search for Utapau Clone Troopers.

Items are for display, thus they can be loose or boxed/carded, and package condition is unimportant. Only they must not be damaged, incomplete or customized.

I would pay with PayPal.

I'm not sure i will be flooded with offers, but due to S&H charges and possible taxes, i would favor sellers from within Europe, if any, but dealing with sellers from North America (or elsewhere) is no problem at all. Also, bigger lots will be preferred in order to make S&H charges more cost-effective.

Please email me at sflamme@hotmail.com or PM me here.