View Full Version : *BUYING : Ig-88 Pre-production items

03-04-2006, 03:58 PM
Hi Guys,

One of my character focuses is IG-88. I'm working on a run of both vintage and modern prototypes.

Looking for mainly figure related items such as Hardcopies and First shots but may look at adding artwork and proofs etc.

Please let me know what you may have.

Hardcopy ( vintage and modern )
Hardcopy Parts ( vintage and modern )
First shots

This is an open offer anytime over the course of the year, if any one has some Vintage Ig-88 / Dengar hardcopy parts ( or complete figure for sale) please let me know.

Buying Modern Hardcopy IG-88 Figures:

POTF2 Hardcopy Painted IG-88 Paying $400.00
POTF2/POTJ Hardcopy Unpainted IG-88 Paying $300.00
POTF2 Hardcopy IG-88 parts $75.00 per part, like a head
POTF2 Undated First shot $200.00

Offering for Vintage Hardcopy Parts:

Hardcopy Limb Paying $200.00
Head Paying $250.00
Torso Paying $550.00

Also interested in other characters at similar pricing from any
SW,ESB,or Jedi.

Any SW (original 20) hardcopy part will have a premium offer.