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03-01-2006, 05:04 PM
I have the following loose complete 12" figures for sale. Shipping is extra.
<s>Darth Vader Collector series (box with flap) $5</s> SOLD
Han Solo Tatooine outfit (no box) $4
Luke Skywalker Tatooine outfit (no box) $4
<s>Lando Calrissian (box with flap) $5</s> pending
Tusken Raider Gaderffi Stick (no box) $4
Greedo J C Penny exclusive (no box) $4
<s>Luke and Han Stormtoopers (box with flap) $10 pair</s> SOLD
<s>Biggs and Wedge (box with flap) $10 pair</s> pending
R2-D2 (Action Collection window box) $5
Yoda (Action Collection window box) $10
Jawa (Action Collection window box) $5
Boss Nass (Episode 1 window box) $5
Sebulba (Episode 1 window box) $5
Ponda Boba (POTF window box) $5
Chewbacca Molded (POTF window box) $5
<s>4-LOM (POTJ window box)</s> $5 pending
<s>Death Star Droid (POTJ window box)</s> $5 pending

Just added:
C-3PO Collector series (box with flap) $5
R5-D4 (with window box) $5
Anakin Skywalker Episode 1 (with window box) $5
R2-A6 (with window box) $5
Qui-Gon Jinn Original (with window box) $5
Jar Jar Binks (with window box) $5
Watto (with window box) $5

03-01-2006, 05:45 PM
PM sent.

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