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02-24-2006, 02:15 AM
Here is my list of POFT2 Freeze Frame figures which I have available. I wont grade them on a "c" scale since that is up to ones interpretation. I will mention those card backs which have any damage. These have been kept in my smoke free house since they were taken off the pegs or out of the box. All the figures I have are sealed on card unless otherwise specified. I can take pictures of the figures if need be.

Power F/X Vader, Obi and R2-D2 all 3 for $25 shipping included

There are 35 FF figures and 2 EP1 figures including duplicates. $125 shipping included

Queen Amidala Coruscant (.0100) EP1
C-3PO (.00) EP1
Darth Vader removable helmet (.00) X2
Captain Piett (.00) Has sticker "with blaster rifle and pistol"
Captain Piett (.00) NO sticker on bubble
Obi-Wan Kenobi (.03)
Biggs Darklighter w/blaster pistol (.00) card has slight wave to it but no creases
Ewoks wicket and logray (.00) slight wave but no creases
Lak sivrak (.00) slight wave but no creases X2
Ishi Tib (.00) very slight wave no creases
Ugnaughts (.00) slight wave no creases
Han Solo in carbonite (.04) small crease by hook
Rebel fleet trooper (.01 sticker)
Luke stormtrooper (.03)
Bespin Luke (.00) X2
Zuckuss (.00) slight wave to card
Royal Guard (.01)
Gamorrean Guard (.01)
8D8 (.00)
Leia new likeness (.00)
Chewbacca Boushh's bounty (.00) X2
Han endor brown pants (.01)
Lando General gear (.00) X2
Slave Leia (.01)
Bespin Han Solo (.01)
Hoth rebel Soldier (.02)
Leia ewok celebration (.00) X2
Lando Skiff guard (.02) card has wave to it no creases
Orrimaarko -Prune Face- (.00) X2
Mon Mothma (.00) X2

Included shipping applies to cont. US collectors only.

02-27-2006, 09:19 AM
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