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01-19-2006, 11:29 PM
this is the third time I am having to post this, as 2 other members have been interested, and claimed to want to purchase the figures, and havent paid. This is a great set, and The only reason I am selling them is to raise money for my move to Florida for college. I am lowering the price to 110.00 (from 120.00) plus 8.00 shipping. here is a list of the items, if yu are serious and intend to buy them IM me, if not, please dont play games, this is really getting annoying, as i have pulled the items twice now and waited and could have sold tehm to someone else.
THis set is in great condition, you must see to believe, most figures have original weapons, 24 of the figures come in the original Empire Strikes back case, which still has teh original insert as well!

24-vintage star wars figures loose, they come in he original Empire Strikes BAck carrying case(great condition, most still have original guns!)
12-vinatge loose, in original trays(no case).

Here is a complete list:
Loose figures in carrying case

Imperial Commander (with original gun)
At-At Driver (with gun)
Stormtrooper (with gun)
Stormtrooper (with gun)
At-At driver (with gun
Imperial Commander (with gun)
Yoda (with cloth cape)
Star Destroyer Commander
Lobot (wth gun)
Boba Fett (with gun)
Lando Calrissian
Luke Skywalker Xwing pilot (with gun)
Luke Skywalker Xwing pilot (with gun)
Rebel Commander
Rebel Soldier (with gun)
Bespin Guard (with gun)
Leia Organa (hoth battle gear)
Han Solo (bespin outfit)
Luke Skywalker (bespin fatiques w/ lightsaber)
Leia Organa (bespin gown, with cape and gun)
Bespin Guard (with gun)

Loose figures( with trays):
Han Solo (1977)
Stormtrooper (1977)
Chewbacca (1977)
Bespin Guard (with gun)
Luke X wing pilot
Luke X wing pilot
Luke Skywlker (1977)
Hoth Luke
Hoth Luke
Han solo
Hoth Snowtrooper

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