View Full Version : Rebel storm star wars minis for sale full set++++

01-16-2006, 09:49 PM
Time for more stuff to go!!!!!!
I have for sale a complete set of rebel storm star wars minis plus tons of extras for sale. See list for all of the figures. All figures are loose and have the cards that go with them in protec sleeves. Figures and cards have only been played a few times and are mint.
Pictures are available.
I am asking $300 shipped or best offer.
I would only like to ship this in the USA please.
Please do not ask me to break this set up!!!!!!!!!!

COMPLETE LIST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1/60 Bothan spy x3
2/60 c3po
3/60 Chewbacca
4/60 commando on speeder bike
5/60 elite hoth trooper x4
6/60 elite rebel trooper x2
7/60 Han Solo
8/60 hoth trooper
9/60 Luke skywalker jedi knight
10/60 luke skywalker rebel
11/60 princess leia captive
12/60 princess leia senator
13/60 r2d2
14/60 rebel commando x3
15/50 rebel commando x3
16/60 rebel officer x2
17/60 rebel pilot x5
18/60 rebel trooper x2
19/60 rebel trooper x3
20/60 wookie soldier x4

21/60 Darth vader dark jedi
22/60 Darth Vader sith lord
23/60 elite snowtrooper x3
24/60 elite stormtrooper x2
25/60 Emeror palpatine
26/60 general veers
27/60 Granf moff tarkin
28/60 heavy stormtrooper x3
29/60 imerial officer x4
30/60 mara jade
31/60 probe droid X2
32/60 royal guard x2
33/60 scout trooper x3
34/60 scout trooper on speeder bike
35/60 snowtrooperx6
36/60 stormtrooper x5
37/60 stormtrooper x5
38/60 stormtrooper x4
39/60 stormtrooper officer x2
40/60 sandtrooper on dewback

41/60 bespin guard x3
42/60 Boba Fett
43/60 dengar
44/60 duros x4
45/60 ewok x9
46/60 4lom
47/60 gam guard x3
48/60 ig-88
49/60 ithorian scout x3
50/60 jabba the hutt
51/60 jawa x7
52/60 lando
53/60 man calamari x2
54/60 quarren assasin x3
55/60 greedo
56/60 bossk
57/60 tusken raider x3
58/60 twilek body guard x4
59/60 twilek scoundrel x2
60/60 WAMPA