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01-10-2006, 10:19 PM
EDIT: Sorry, I didn't realize I had to include prices, I will start going through lists ASAP.

Hi there, this is one of my first posts here, thanks for looking!

Star Wars 12" Collector Series:

Series 1 (All dark blue inserts)
Obi Wan Kenobi
Luke (Binoculars on belt)
Darth Vader
Han Solo

Light blue inserts:
Chewbacca (1996 box VERY RARE)
Admiral Ackbar
TIE Fighter Pilot

Luke vs. Wampa (Target Exclusive)

I also have 100+ POTF2 figures that I am currently trying to catalog variations for. If there is a certain figure you are looking for, email me or PM me (I check my email more frequently than my PMs.).

I do know I have three different red card Ben Kenobi figures one long saber half body photo, one long saber full body photo and one short saber half body photo.
Also a brown vest Jedi Luke, short and long sabered Luke, Bespin Luke, and Vader.

Lastly, I have every Unleashed figure (loose) except no helmet Vader, Padme, and Jango Fett. If I end up parting with the Unleashed, I'd like to move them as a lot if possible.

Please feel free to make any offers and I will start cataloging an updated list.

Thanks for looking.