View Full Version : some 12" FS

12-30-2005, 11:19 PM
just looking for retail price on these

-E2 Saga anakin (1st version)
-E2 Saga Dooku
-E1 Mace Windu
-E1 Lil' Anakin
-E1 Green R2 Unit
-POTJ Han Stormtrooper
-talking Electronic Darth Vader
-Ponda Baba
-Obi-Wan w/white robes and training helmet
-saga Ewoks 2pack (logray and black ewok)
-Tusken Raider Gaffi Stick variant
-Luke Bespin Gear
-Bib Fortuna/Luke Jedi
-Luke Hoth/Wampa
-At-At Driver (Service Merchandise excl)
-Qui-Gon jiin

all are in case fresh packages, will ship packaged or loose.

PM me