View Full Version : FS: C3 vader, dvd packs, OTC figs, rots tarkin, ++

12-13-2005, 09:46 AM
Trying to clear out the last of my stuff, heres what I got:

OTC: All are MINT on card
ANH commemorative dvd pack $14
ESB commemorative dvd pack $14
greedo $7
c-3po $5
queen amidala celebration $18

ROTS: All are MINT on card
Tarkin $6
ask aak $6
meena tills $6
Celebration 3 vader: MINT on card $25

Mail away sneak preview Mace windu: Mint in box $5
Bantha with tusken raider $20 (loose)

Loose figs: All are mint, complete, only diplayed in smoke free home.
ROTS shocktrooper $5
ROTS bacara $4
ROTS deluxe vader with operating table $9
TPM sidious $4
saga yoda with chian $3
ashla and jempa $3
potf2 max rebo $6
ROTS electronic r2 $4
TPM destroyer droid $3
POTF2 commtech vader $4
saga emperor $4
potf2 han in carbonite $2
potf2 salacious crumb $3
saga deluxe jabba the hutt $10
potf2 commtech r2 with holo leia $5
I'll sell the loose fig lot for $60 shipped for all of them.

action masters: loose with card
leia $2
r2 X2 $2
obi-wan $2
c-3po $2
I'll do $5 shipped for all of them.

Galactic Heroes: loose, all are $2
anh obi-wan
skiff guard

OTC talking yoda $20 (loose)

TPM electronic banks:
darth maul $5
qui-gon $5
obi-wan $5

Celebration 3 Epic poster $18

12-13-2005, 10:18 AM
pm sent

12-15-2005, 12:55 PM