View Full Version : Another Un-Kosher offer: Exclusives for sale

11-22-2005, 06:09 AM
This is one of those package deal things that I did once before. I will sell something from my "A" list if you buy two things from my "B" list

I have:

A List

Target Shadow trooper $14.25

Target Clone (april release) $14.25

B list

TRU Excl. Holo Emperor $11 (will include Clamshell from target Clone)

PM me with offers- I will give priority to the person who buys the most off my b-list. I don't mean to be crass. but I am looking to make a quick sale. I will only consider selling individual figures from the a-list when the b-list figures are gone. In the meantime, please don't PM me with omly a-list wants.
These are essentially items I picked up for collectors who wound up not needeing them, and instead of returning them and risking being put on the "no return list", I would prefer to sell them here.

And, as always, prices do not include shipping!