View Full Version : Couple of extra exclusives up for grabs.

11-07-2005, 10:56 PM
I got a couple of extra figs I'll be returning unless anyone here still needs them. They have some package defects due to lousy packaging by Walmart and Amazon so consider them openers. Anyone of these for $11.00 a piece(my cost with tax/shipping):

All three of the ROTS DVD Walmart exclusives ( Clones x 4 two of each of the others)
Holographic Emperors x 3
Got an extra SDCC Holographic Leia with case for $17(This one is mint, just had an extra and don't feel like ebaying it)

Could also trade for Tact Ops #65 also; at retail and not eBay prices.
I always order a couple extra knowing they will not fail to mess up at least half the order.
PM me if interested and transaction done by mail only due to getting stood up a few times with sales/trades on here.
Wanted to give the local guys a shot before going to the main classified section.