View Full Version : COLLECTION FOR SALE!!! Some rare pieces cheap!!!

09-02-2005, 08:06 PM
I want to sell off some rare items and overtock...

POTJ At-St Walker $40.00 MIMB TRU EXCL.
POTF2 Falcon Carry Case w/ scanning trooper $15.00 MIMB
SAGA Target Excl. A-wing $15.00 MIMB **SOLD**
12" Episode 1 Boss Nass $15.00 MIMB
12" Chancellor and Coruscant Guard 2 pack KB ex. $20.00 MIMB
12" AOTC Plo Kloon 12" doll RARE!!! MIMB $150.00
POTJ Amanaman $8.00 MOMC
12" POTF2 Han Solo Endor Gear $15.00 MIMB
12" Red Clone Trooper KB EXCL. $15.00 MIMB
12" Yellow Clone Trooper KB Excl. $15.00 MIMB

Prices will be cheaper if you buy more items...