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07-21-2005, 04:45 PM
Here's what I've got left to get ahold of-
Anakin (AOTC)
Mace Windu
Count Dooku
Darth Vader (masked; not ROTS)
Obi-Wan (AOTC)
Aayla Secura
Tusken Raider
Palpatine vs. Yoda

These can be loose or on damaged cards, I'm an opener.
Will pash cash via Pay Pal or trade.

There's more I have to list from POTF2 - Saga, please feel free to ask.

newly listed items -
Stormtrooper troop-builder set $17
Mos Eisley Cantina 3-D diorama $10
Jabba's Palace 3-D diorama $10
Complete Galaxy Tatooine w/Luke $12
Complete Galaxy Death Star w/Darth Vader $12
Complete Galaxy Endor w/Ewok $12
Complete Galaxy Dagobah w/Yoda #12
*whole set for $40*
Final Lightsaber Duel w/Obi-Wan & Darth Maul $20
Watto's Box Cinema Scene $15
EU Luke $6
EU Sentinal $6
EU Thrawn $6
Geonosis War Room #1 $7
Flashback Series set (11 figures) $50 for set, will consider breaking the set on offers

Dash Rendar's Outrider $15 *pending*
Boba Fett's Slave 1 $15

T-16 Skyhopper $15
Cruisemissle Trooper $8
ATST $25 *pending*
Tauntaun w/Luke 12
Wampa w/Luke $12
Death Star Escape set $8 *pending*
Detention Block Rescue set $8 *pending*
Endor Battle set $8 *pending*
Deluxe Boba Fett $4
Luke Skywalker w/ Gunner Station $7
Han Solo w/ Gunner Station $7
Darth Vader w/ Gunner Station $7
Cantina Showdown w/Obi-Wan Kenobi ($3), Ponda Baba ($3), Dr. Evazan ($5) or $8 for the set
Death Star Escape w/Luke (Stormtrooper Disguise)($4), Han (Stormtrooper Disguise)($4) & Chewbacca ($3) or $9 for the set
Mynock Hunt w/Chewbacca ($3), Leia ($3) & Han (Bespin)($3) or $8 for the set
Jabba’s Skiff Guards w/Klaatu, Barada and Nikto ($3 ea) or $8 for the set
Jedi Spirits w/Anakin Skywalker, Yoda, Obi-Wan $8 *pending*
Final Jedi Duel w/Luke (Jedi Knight) ($3), Darth Vader ($3)& Emperor on Throne ($6) $9
Speeder Bike w/Luke $9 *pending*
Speeder Bike w/Leia $9
Millenium Mint w/Coin Han (Bespin)$7
Millenium Mint w/Coin Luke (Endor)$7
Millenium Mint w/Coin Leia (Endor)$7
Millenium Mint w/Coin Emperor $7

Episode 1
Naboo Starfighter $15
Anakin's Podracer w/Anakin $10
Sebulba's Podracer w/Sebulba $10
Droid Fighters (x3) $8
Flash Speeder $8
STAP w/battle droid $7
Armoured Scout Tank w/Battle Droid $8
Theed Hangar set $12
Theed Generator set $12 *pending*

Clone Wars
Jedi Army 3pk $10
Clone w/Speeder Bike $10

Carbon Freezing Chamber w/guard $20

*US funds
All items are loose and 100% mint and complete (all accessories, missles, weapons for figures). I can accept MO or Pay Pal for payment. Pictures of ALL items can be made available.

There is LOTS more I've yet to list, all items are loose and 100% complete; POTF2 - Saga '03

07-21-2005, 05:53 PM
yo kramer i have han solo

just woundring, is some of the pending from our deal?

07-21-2005, 06:11 PM
Yes, some are held pending for Blink182, I see the email address with your user ID here corresponds with that user ID on snowtroopers.ca
-PM sent w/details

07-21-2005, 11:15 PM
If you're selling you need to add prices please.

07-26-2005, 05:50 AM
Bump me up scottie!

............oh wait, this is a Star Wars forum....
Thank the maker! http://threads.rebelscum.com/images/graemlins/grin.gif

07-26-2005, 02:47 PM
Heres what I have for sale out of what you need:

Mace Windu (1 in original blue package&1 in artwork package)
Obi-Wan (AOTC)(1 in original & 1 in artwork)
Aayla Secura
Tusken Raider
Palpatine vs. Yoda

PM me if anyone is interested...I have multiples of each