View Full Version : FS: Expanded Universe set & Animated set w/clones

07-14-2005, 05:17 PM
Hey, all
I am officially leaving the completist mentality behind and dumping some things I never really liked, but bought anyway.
To start is the expanded universe set. I have all 9 figures carded. The cards are in damn good shape. Believe me, I never bought figures unless they were in awesome shape. A set on Ebay is going for about $80. I'll go $75 and I'll pick up the shipping.

I also have a set, I think, of animated figures. I have:
14 figures total. They are:
1) Obi-Wan
2) Mace
3) Asajj
4) Yoda
5) Dooku
6) Grievious
7) Anakin version 1
8) Anakin version 2
9) Durge
10) ARC Trooper
11) Regular Clone
12) Blue Clone
13) Red Clone
14) Yellow Clone
These were hard to buy 100% mint, but they are close.
I will get rid of these for $90, again I'll cover shipping.

Buy both sets, and I'll throw in a Silver R2-D2!!!
Please PM with any questions! I can also E-mail you a picture if desired.

07-14-2005, 06:09 PM