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07-02-2005, 02:20 PM
Hey all - here's my for sale or trade list:

3 3/4 MOMC
C3 Vader with case (for trade only)
OTC Lando Skiff $5
HOF C-3PO, R2 $5 each
Saga Taun We $4
POTF2 Brown Vest Jedi Luke $20
POTF2 FF Hoth Leia $6
POTF2 FF Luke Stormtrooper $3
POTF2 Luke Stormtrooper $3
POTF2 Slave Leia $3
POTF2 FF Slave Leia $3
POTF2 FF Obi Wan $3
POTF2 Han and Leia Bespin $5
Flashback Beru, Ben, Leia & Chewy $12 lot
Expanded Universe Sentinel $10
Star Tours R3D3 $8
Star Tour G24T $8

Loose 3 3/4" figures:
Jabbas Band all 7 (includes rappertunie) for $28
Jabbas Dancers $6
Endor Rebel Soldiers Beard and No Beard (POTF2) $5 for both
8D8 (with Gonk Droid!) $6
EV9-D9 $4
Vintage Nikto $10
Vintage Klaatu $8
POTF2 Klaatu, Barada and Nikto $9
POTF2 Mon Mothma $5
EP1 Battle Droids on Mini Rigs x2 $3 each
POTJ Battle Droid Boomer Damage $4
POTJ Gungan Warrior x2 and Boss Nass $10
POTF2 Cantina patrons (takeel, devorian, and gas-mask guy) $9
Boshek $3
Walmart Cantina set - greedo, momaw and ponda $9
Wuher $3
General Rieeken $3
Dash Rendar $3

Loose 12"
Tie Fighter Pilot x2 $10 each
Princess Leia Ceremonial & Luke Ceremonial $12 for the 2
Luke Stormtrooper (both versions) $7 each (1 pending)
Han Stormtrooper (both versions) $7 each (1 pending)
Luke, Biggs & the other x-wing pilot $20 for the lot of 3
Battle Droids x5 $5 each
Stormtrooper x2 $7 each (pending)
R2-A6 $4
Clothes for Lando Skiff $5
Geonosian Warrior $7
Electronic Emperor Palpatine (no cane) $5
Tarkin $7
Marmit Sandtrooper No Pauldron $40
POTF2 Endor Raid Han Solo $8
Super Battle Droid Lot of 3, one w/ custom firing arm, $14 for the lot
Slave Leia & Bar2-D2 $20

Vehicles & Beasts loose:
Darth Vader's Tie Fighter POTF2 $9 (pending)
Dewback & Sandtrooper $5
Ronto and Jawa $5
Reek & Nexu $6 for both

Starship w/ anakin, obi-won and battle droid $6
Xwing with Luke and R2 $6
c-3po and chewie moc $4

MOC OMGCNFO Exclusive Animal $15
MOC Gonzo and Camilla $7
MOC Vacation Pepe $7
MOC Shifty-Eyed Sam $15
Loose Gonzo in Tux $4
Loose Kermit Newsman $4

Ren & Stimpy
Radioactive Log Comic-Con Exclusive $13

Batman Begins
Bloody Scarecrow variant $11

Evil Homer MOMC $20


Snowtroopers (loose, vintage, POTF2 carded w/ holo, freeze frame, European Long Photo)
Vintage Hoth Rebel Soldiers
Taun Tauns (modern and vintage)
Hoth Playsets (vintage and modern)

See a pattern forming?

PM me or e-mail me at mark@tandembranding.com Open to any offers.

07-03-2005, 05:12 AM
PM sent re. Royal Starship and Vader TIE fighter!

07-03-2005, 06:53 AM
Bumped for pending, added 12" Endor Han, Super Battle Droid lot

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Bumped for sold (removed) items

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Bumped for removed items and added loose figs

07-04-2005, 10:34 PM
sent email and pm for marmit sandtrooper

07-05-2005, 12:31 AM
E Mail sent

07-07-2005, 04:28 PM
did u get my emails or Pms for marmit sandtrooper no paldrion $40, I'm intrested. Think my PC is having problems. U can email Jessdawgg@yahoo.com or PM

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updated with new haves

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bumpdated with more stuff

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updated with a ton more loose figs