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06-28-2005, 06:16 PM
well the time has come to make room for other things and money for bills. everything on this list is for sale or trade. i only collect baseball star wars and cards and will post a list of what i need at the bottom. please email me or pm me offers. but serious offers only please. all shipping will be going out saturday with delivery confermation. if you would like pictures of any items please ask and leave your email and i will send you pics.i will be adding stuff over the next couple days. if you have any questions feel free to ask
my email is jedijr77@hotmail.com

12inch figs
barry bonds x4 ***2gone***

s4 brett farve w/g var
s4 ricky williams
s4 micheal vick
s5 anthony thomas var
s5 jeff garcia
s5 tom brady ***pending***
s6 rich gannon retro
s6 emmitt smith reg white gloves
s6 emmitt smith reg red gloves x2
s6 emmitt smith cards var red gloves
s6 emmitt smith cards var white gloves
s6 deuce mcallister var ***gone**
s6 drew bledsoe var ***GONE**
s6 mike alstott var ***GONE***
s6 rich gannon
s7 jeremy shockey var ***GONE***
s7 jeremy shockey
s7 juliuspeppers
s7 clinton portis
s7 micheal vick
s7 brett favre
s7 brett favre var
s7 jason sehorn retro***GONE***
s7 david carr***GONE***
s7 david carr var***GONE***
s8 jamal lewis var
s8 steve mcnair var x2
s9 jake plummer var
s9 junior seau retro

farve and urlacher opened ***rangersfan***
urlacher and farve x3
gannon and brooks

s2 manny ramirez var not mint
s9 nomar garciaparra var
s10 garret anderson var x2
s2 curt schilling
roberto alomar
kerry wood
s1 randy johnson
juan gonzalez
jason giambi

s1 martin broudur opened ***GONE***
s1 ed belfour logo bottle ***GONE***
s1 ed belfour opened ***GONE***
s1 jose theodore no logo bottle ***GONE***
s2 dominik hasek white jersey ***GONE***
s2 nabby opened with autograped base
s2 joe thorton black jersey ***GONE***
s3 pavel bure
s4 tommy salo 3rd jersey ***PENDING***
s4 jeremy roenick var
s4 brendan shanahan var
s5 dan cloutier var
s5 mark messier
s6 nicklas lidstrom
s6 patrick roy
s6 nikolai khabibulin
s6 nikolai khabibulin var
s6 anson carter
s6 markus naslund var
s6 markus naslund
s6 nicklas lidstrom
s6 teemu selanne
s6 vincent lecavalier
s6 steve yzerman
s6 mario lemieux x2
s7 jean-sebastien giguere var
s7 jean-sebastien giguere
s7 peter forsberg
s7 dominik hasek
s7 owen nolan var
s7 marian gaborik
s7 chris chelios
s8 patrick lalime var
s8 chris chelios var
brett hull blues retro
wayne gretzky var x2

s1 john leclair
mike modano*****rangersfan****
s4 iginla
mike richter
s1 sundin
jamier jager
marty turek with auto base
saku koivu

iginla and koivu autoed by iginla
hull and roenick
modano and sakic

s1 kobe bryant
s1 kevin garnett
s2 antawn jamison
s2 elton brand var
s2 shaq var
s2 tracy mcgrady
s6 carmello anthony var

s2 shaq

all autographs were obtained by me there are no coa i can get the autos certified
but you will pay more
lynn swann auto football
roger craig football inscribed super bowl mvp
roger craig auto card x2
jerry rice auto card
ronnie lott auto cardx2
george lopez auto golf ball
john taylor auto card
willie mays auto card
orlando cepeda auto card
frank thomas auto card
cory pavin auto card golf
ian leggatt auto card
marco strum auto 8x10
vinny dampouse auto 8x10
joe thorton auto 8x10
rob nenn auto 8x10
shawn green auto card

joe montana autoed by montana and atrist looking to get what i payed

86 topps dan marino
81 topps tony dorsett
97 upper deck ud3 vlad guerrero auto bat card
50 card lot of shannon sharp
jerome bettis cards ask i have about 60 cards
97 pinnicle hockey sets from the allstar game x2 also have a ton of singles
91 score eric lindross rookie
gold standard ryan smyth rookie
93 classics paul kariya rookie
classic pro live rookie shaq1 of 4000 lp2
press pass net burners ray allen
96 edge time warp allen iverson and isiah thomas
92 classic draft picks shaq
96 spx kevin garnett
04 tradition tom brady
95 edge ice tommy salo miner rookie
00 topps peter warrick
00 topps thomas jones
2 card lot garret anderson minor league cards
96 score mariono rivera rookie
92 upper deck javy lopez rooke
04 tradition rivers manning and rothlesberger rookie93 upperdeck minors phil nevin rookie
00 topps plaxico burress rookie
73 topps fred biletnikoff
action packed special brail card jim plunkett auto card limited edtion
86 topps roger craig
96 collecters choice simon rice rookie
89 score rod woodson
84 topps dwight clark
86 topps steve largent
04 upper deck mike vick
04 upper deck tom brady
87 topps dan marino
93 topps drew bledsoe rookie
90 pro set barry sanders
95 edge edge tech jerry rice
86 topps steve young
82 donruss george brett
00 topps dynamic duo carter moss
90 score young super star barry sanders
93 skybox barry sanders roaring 20
00 topps topps chrome insert edgerrin james
95 upper deck collecters coice don mattingly siver signatures x2
92 upper deck then and now ryan sandberg

01-02 ud playmakers dr. j

star wars
clone 3 pack w/blue trooper
2 holo yodas

wrestling figs
hulk hogan
pary saturn

viynal dale jr banner 2 sided

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