View Full Version : rots needs and what I have to trade

06-26-2005, 02:37 PM
I am looking to trade or buy the last couple of figures I need for my rots collection. I need #4 super battle droid, #16 plo koon, #20 agen kolar, #22 kit fisto, #27 obi wan kenobi, #28 anakin skywalker, #29 ki-adi mundi, #31 luminara unduli, #48 r2-d2, #49 commander baccara, and #50 anakin.

The things I have to trade are
Vader's Medic droid x 2
Clone Commander x 12
Red Saber Palpatine x 3
Mas Amedda x 2 (one is purple card)
Dark Brown Wookie Warrior x 2
Destroyer Droid x 1
Super Articulated Clone x 5
Neimodian Warrior x 1
Polis Massan x 2
Exploding Grievous x 1
Regular Clone x 2 (one is purple card)
Darth Vader x 1
Clone Pilot x 10
Dooku Saber Variant Anakin x 1
AT-TE Tank Gunner x 3
Tarkin x 1
Ask Aak x 1
Exploding Grievous variant (saber on right side) x1