View Full Version : Custom Fodder lot of figures, blasters, lsabers

06-18-2005, 08:42 PM
Up for grabs is this box of custom fodder that I have left over. I had a group picture taken, but I accidentally erased it. This picture was taken after I put them in a box. This box weighs like 2 pounds and contains the following:
assorted blasters
lightsabers- both 3 3/4 inch scale and 6 12" scale sabers
headless figures such as Jabba's Dancers, Cantina Aliens, Imperials, Rebels, misc figures.
A dozen "Spirit of Darth Maul" figures from the rotating light up things from Phantom Menace.
This is a great lot of custom fodder. $20.00 plus shipping to whoever wants it. Email me at potf1985@yahoo.com or PM me. http://img186.echo.cx/img186/2834/fodder4mh.jpg