View Full Version : FS or FT lots of SW and other stuff

06-16-2005, 08:56 AM
would like to trade more but PM me if you are interested in buying anything. most stuff is or around retail prices.



Tanus Spijek
Admiral Ackbar Long Euro Photo
Gran Moff Tarkin POTF2 Freeze Frame
Nien Nunb POTF2 Freeze Frame
OTC Scanning Trooper
OTC Greedo
OTC Tusken Raider
OTC Gammorean Guard
OTC Bib Fortuna
ROTS Vader Operating Table
Silver R2-d2
Silver Vader
Target Exclusive ROTS Clone Trooper
ROTS Darth Vader #11
CLone Commander #33
AT-TE Tank Gunner #38
R2-D2 POTF2 Freeze frame
Kubrick Wicket
Kubrick Han Solo ANH
Kubrick Jawa
ML Doc Ock
ML Black Widow
Batman Hush Batman Stealth Jumper
MOTU Snake Attack Skeletor
loose chewbacca with snow from hoth tru 4pack

more haves coming!!!!!!!

Target Yoda w/ Cup
Target Boba Fett W/ Cup
Mysterio spider man classics
clone wars red arc trooper
Saga Aya Vida MINT
Padme Lars Homestead Mint
obi-wan nightclub doesn't have to be mint
ROTS Anakin #50
ROTS Bacara #49
ROTS R2-D2 #48
Kubrick Han Solo Carbonite
Hellboy series 1.5 Kroenen
Unleashed Stormtrooper
Cult CLassics Gremlin Mohawk, and American Psycho
Muppets Pops, Lips
kubrick oscar the grouch
kubrick gonzo muppets
kubrick japan TRU 5pack
Neca Myers/Loomis 2pack
Mattel Bane
Mattel Scarecrow

06-16-2005, 09:48 AM
pm coming your way