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06-08-2005, 01:06 PM
I just wanted to add my observation to the ongoing GG vs Attakus debate...

The Gentle Giant Vader uses a scan of props...that being said, there is a fair amount of accuracy to the statue innately -- even though there's some tweaking involved. The only issue I had with it (however brief) is the fact that in trying to make the ultimate definitive vader, they composed something that has never been seen before. As someone else had stated earlier, the helmet of the GG statue is a mix between the FACE of the SITH helmet (you can tell by the even-ness of the mouth grill and the cheeks where they meet the corners of the eyes, and the roundness of the nose) -- the helmet's dome seems to be the SAGA version (apparent in the rear portion and the 3/4 view as well as the defined eybrow ridge (unless it was tweaked) Also it appears slightly smaller in proportion to the face -- not to mention that from a higher angled view of the helmet, it is a tad cone-shaped)
The Rest of the costume is apparently from SITH, but the pose is somewhat reminiscent of a classic Vader though the proportions are that of Hayden Christensen. Overall it is a beautiful statue and worthy of being considered a miniaturized version of an actual darth vader.

The First attakus version is impressive to say the least because of its sheer size. Almost everything about it is picture perfect considering it was sculpted from a popular photograph of Vader from the Empire Strikes Back -- the same picture is on the box of the RIDDELL mini helmet for Vader.
The only snag, and it's a big one, is that the FACE of the helmet is PUG_FACED completely inaccurate (except from one visual point of view : low front)--
however very detailed and precise-- That's the only gripe I have about it...but it's a classic vader. The 2nd version is simply a kit-bashed version of the first (with a repainted face -- which actually accentuates its inaccuracy) -- that is the reason why the pose looks like it was contrived and not observed -- it simply was.

The Gentle Giant BUST of Vader (the first one) has a mask that looks to me like the REGULAR DON POST mask that you could buy retail for 40 bucks-- the dome has the same hitch in the rear that the DON POST DELUXE version has, but together, the dome again was shrunken a little too small for the face -- which also has an inaccurate neck (and breastplate, and paintjob)etc. BUT--
The NEW bust from Gentle Giant looks like a VAST improvement, and they get props for that. Looks amazing -- except for the skirt-like cape, but what can you do?

So far the best Vader scan of E.3. that I've seen available was the candy topper for the LUCAS HAIR -- LAVA BERRY candy you could get at Toys R Us. -- it's really really small, but it's a carbon copy of the episode 3 vader.

Overall, my preference is with Gentle Giant, considering the rest of the statues line in addition to the overall accuracy.
The C-3p0 of Attakus pales in comparison to the GG version, the Chewie (though big and impressive) is really more of an impression of Chewie and not as accurate with regard to PROPORTION of the face in particular -- the fur can easily be debated either way, the stormtroopers from Gentle Giant are far more accurate...etc.

All that being said, Attakus is great for a completely hand sculpted and large pieces, but for the best accuracy (and for most, affordability), Gentle Giant is the way to go.

Those who don't like statues at all can get the Kotobukiya Vinyl Figures --
The code 3 3D poster from Celebration 3 uses the same sculpt of the KOTO VADER HELMET -- or at least referenced it
I highly KOTO those because they really capture the essence of the characters (at least the non-humans) -- excluding chewie -- I think their chewie really reeks. It looks like he's missing teeth and his eyes (because they're molded separately) are too sunken in. He's just a mess.

That's all...