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06-01-2005, 09:45 PM
Hello everyone. I have many potf2 figures for sale. These figures are all from my personal collection. They all are opened and out of package. They all are complete and in C9 condition unless noted. I am selling these figures cheap to make room. I am asking 75 cents to 1 dollar for shipping per figure depending on the size of the figure. You will save on shipping if you buy more than 1 figure at a time. If interested, email me at lakinwwe@hotmail.com I have the following for sale:
POTF2 FIGURES: (all of these figures are $2.00 each)
-Greedo vs1
-Momaw Nadon (Hammerhead)
-Luke Skywalker in Hoth vs1
-Bib Fortuna
-Admiral Ackbar
-Grand Moff Tarkin
-Princess Leia in Slave outfit
-Darth Vader with removable helmut
-Han Solo in bespin outfit
-Han Solo in Endor outfit
-Malakili-rancor keeper
-Luke Skywalker in ceremonial outfit
-Yak Face
-Leia in ewok celebration outfit
-Lak Sivrak
-Storm Trooper Luke without helmut
-R2-D2 with retractable leg
-Yoda with jedi training pack
-Leia in disguise bounty hunter
-Emperior's Red Royal Guard

Gunner Stations: ($3.00 each)
-Darth Vader
-Han Solo
-Luke Skywalker

Deluxe Figures: ($3.00 each)
-Imperial Probe Droid
-Boba Fett w/missle launcher
-Han Solo w/smuggler pack
-Luke Skywalker w/desert sport skiff
-Hoth rebel soldgier with laser cannon

Electronic F/x figures: ($3.00 each)
-Emperior Palpatine
-Luke Skywalker without saber and cardboard backdrop
-Obi Wan Kenobi without saber

Episode 1 R2-D2 carrying case/playset (missing 3 removable shelves, includes 2 and not 1 destroyer droids -$10.00

Battle stap with droid -$3.50
Smallbattle tank with battle droid-$3.50
Naboo fighter in box-$8.00 (never opened)
Naboo fighter handheld game with exclusive anakin skywalker figure-never opened-$10.00

Ep1 figures: ($2.00 each)
-Anakin skywalker vs1
-Anakin skywalker podracer pilot
-Qui-Gon-Jin vs1
-Obi Won Kenobi vs1
-Jar Jar Binks vs1
-Queen Amidala w/pistol

06-02-2005, 04:58 AM
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