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05-30-2005, 04:53 PM
Hi, I thought that I would come here first before I listed everything on Ebay. I have over 275 loose figs that span potf2-modern stuff that I want to sell. I want to focus more on the vintage star wars items for myself. Anyways, if anyone has a list of what they want to buy for sale lmk because its very possible I have it including some of the exclusive stuff. I want between $2-3 on most common figs, a little more for htf ones and variations. I will give a bulk deal if you buy lots. I have to go through them all and make sure they are complete before I will sell them. Send your list and I will reply. For instance, I know I have like 6-7 destroyer droids and 1 exploding one@$3 each. thanks

I just wanted to add that I might not be able to find every weapon for these figs but if someone wants to buy the whole lot for $500 shipped, I will also throw in the following:
loose cantina band member set of 5 with accessories and 3 sealed bags of extra accessories
8 more loose figs, 3 are fan club choice figs, 2 admiral ackbar type figs. lmk
I would want a confirmed paypal buyer though and address.

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