View Full Version : ATTAKUS INTERVIEW-MAY 14 TH,2005

05-16-2005, 11:04 AM
Q&A to Attakus (May 14th).

Q1) What is the situation with the statues of SÚries 4 ?
A1) The prototypes of the 3 first statues are finished. Wicket and Tusken Raider should be available at retail on September 2005 and Grievous for Christmas.

Q2) What will be the prices of them ?
A2) Grievous should cost around 395 euros

Q3) Are you working on Series 5 ?
A3) There are many Star Wars characters we would like to do but let us finish the other statues from Series 4.

Q4) How will be sold the figurines of the Metal Collection ?
A4) The diorama will be sold in two parts : the Millenium Falcon and the Death Star Hallway. The characters will be sold individually except Luke and Han stormtroopers. One will be sold with the Falcon and the other with the Hallway. The choice is not yet approved by Lucasfilm.

Q5) Which type of box will you use for the Metal collection ?
A5) The small boxes of the figurines are beeing approved by Lucasfilm. For both dioramas we have found a packaging but for delivery difficulties reasons, it is a good chance that we send ourselves them to the final customer.

Q6) What will be the price of the Metal collection ?
A6) The prices are unknown because the quantity to produced is not yet determinated.

Q7) You are displaying at the convention golden metal stormtroopers. Do you plan to make a scpecial production ?
A7) No. They are results of colour tests on stormtroopers with the colour of c-3po. They are customs and then uniques. They are not for sale and will stay at Attakus.

Q8) Are you planning to make the statue of Georges Lucas ?
A8) No.

Q9) Are you planning to make a Golden version of C-3po statue ?
A9) If we do it in the future, it will be a brand new c-3po in a new position.

Q10) Are you planning to re-issue the first statues that are sold out? Darth Vader for example is still very seeked on the market
A10) No. The statues are limited in quantity at the origin and we will not change this statement.

Q11) Do you have new Star Wars projects ?
A11) We have first to finish the series 4. It is also planned in the Metal collection to do one diorama per movie? Dagobah which corresponds to The Empire Strikes Back is in progress.
We are also working on a new design about Clone Wars Cartoons