View Full Version : 6' Darth Maul Statue / Manequin

05-12-2005, 08:20 PM
I tried posting this on another SW fan site, but the force of users decided that it was not appropriate. I don't see how but oh well. Here it is for you guys.

I have a 6 foot Darth Maul statue in my living room. My Girlfriend won him back when EPI came out. He's one of 300 from what we can tell (correct me if I'm wrong). He's full y costumed and sculpted and colored. He has his double blade saber and both plastic blades. He is on a short pedestal that shows the SW:EPI logo, collectible information and authenticity, and the Pepsi/Frito-Lay logos. I've found these sold on the open market for $2500 to $3000 USD.

I'm asking $1000 o.b.o to get him to a new home.

He is currently here in Riverside, California.
Shipping across the US would be roughly $400 via freight, but if you're in the Southern California area (or even Vegas) I will pack and deliver him to you FREE.

I do NOT have his original shipping crate. The store that gave him to my GF threw it out. If he needs to be shipped, packaging material costs would need to be figured.

We need to relocate him ASAP, as we are moving soon and can not take him with us. If he was a storm trooper I'd leave one of the kids and take him, but I'm not a huge DM fan so... Get him while the gettin's good!

MANY photos available on request.

He has slight marks on his gloves from before she took posession. I believe they are cleanable but I have not had the time to really put the effort into it.