View Full Version : Looking for loose Clones, BDs + Astromech droids

05-09-2005, 11:49 AM
This is a fairly "long shot" as these figures are all "army builders" (or useful ship accessories, in the case of astromechs) and many collectors want as many of them as they can get. However I really could do with some to
go with my ships and vehicles.

What I'm looking for is loose examples of:
- Clone troops, 2-3 - any type; AOTC or ROTS, troopers or pilots, doesn't really matter
- Battle droids - 2, one to use as a commander for my Trade Federation tank kit (when I finally get round to building it) and one as a standard trooper
- 1 Destroyer Droid
- 1 Naboo Royal Guard, as a pilot for the Flash Speeder
- Astromech droids, 2-3 - R2, R5, R4 etc., modern or vintage, doesn't matter. Needed for for the Y-Wing, ARC-170 (if I ever buy one) and possibly Millennium Falcon (it obviously doesn't have an astromech slot, but I'd like to add one to the interior to represent a repair droid; my model (when finished!) will represent a standard YT-1300, not the actual Falcon)

- at a reasonable price. Weapons and accessories not necessary as I can scratchbuild replacements, also surface/paint condition not really important as I will be repainting the figures.

UK sellers preferred, but the P&P for loose figures isn't very much so I'd welcome offers from US collectors.