View Full Version : Seeking articulated Clone Trooper (AOTC/CloneWars)

05-04-2005, 08:44 PM
I was wondering if anyone had a Star Wars Saga (AOTC/Clone Wars) articulated Clone Trooper figure they might sell for a good price? Entertainment Earth has a pack of 4 clean white troopers. But $35 is a bit high and I only really want one. I am not looking to "Troop Build". I just would like a AOTC/CW style Clone Trooper to display with my ROTS Clones. I had started to collect the new figures upon release in 95, but had to stop two years later due to lack of funds. I ened up buying some ROTS toys and have kind of been pulled back in. It's too expensive and such to track down the hundreds of figures I missed, but have decided to try and find the ones I really like. This being one of the trickier ones. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks all!