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04-30-2005, 03:29 PM

Supreme Chancellor Palpatine Coll. 2 #39 Near Mint - Mint
Count Dooku Collection 1 #27 Near Mint
Jar Jar Binks Collection 2 #24 Near Mint
Anakin Skywalker Collection 1 #1 Mint
Destroyer Droid Collection 1 #48 Near Mint - Mint
Luminara Unduli Collection 2 #26 Near Mint - Mint
Clone Trooper:Republic Gunship Pilot Collection 1 #49 Mint
Jango Fett Collection 1 #31 Ok, top hook is torn
Mace Windu Collection 1 #28 Mint
Chewbacca Collection 1 #38 card back is creased
Watto Collection 2 #50 near mint - mint
I also believe I have the clone commander and yoda both in mint, came as bonus pack in case.

Empire Strikes Back '02 release Same card back as above
Darth Vader:Bespin Duel Collection 1 #30 Mint
Luke Skywalker:Bespin Duel Colection 1 #29 Card Back creased

Return of the jedi '02 release Same card back as above
Han Solo:Endor Raid Collection 1 #37 Near mint - Mint

Phantom Menace '02 release Same card back as above
Qui-Gon Jinn Collection 2 #32 Near Mint


Revenge of the sith:
Lava Vader Mint
CIII Vader Mint
Target Exclusive Super-articulated Clone Trooper Mint
VOTC Storm Trooper

Willing to trade more than one figure for one

05-01-2005, 12:22 PM
Willing to trade 1/2 of collection for CIII VADER or lava vader or any 4 for target exclusive