View Full Version : My C3 expirence

04-25-2005, 04:13 PM
My wife and I were only able
>to attend on Saturday, but had a great time. Like you we feel like
>there was a lot of good things and a lot of bad things. Since this
>was the first Star Wars convention we've ever had the pleasure to
>attend, it lived up to our expectations and in some ways blew them
>away and was overall a positive experience. I'm still kinda on cloud
>9 about the whole thing and focused on all of the good things.
>However I could not overlook what was obviously some pretty poor
>planing on the part of Gen Con.
>> First off we was totally appalled with Gen Con on the lines
>outside. There was no one out there to direct people where to go or
>let people know what line they needed to be in. It was chaos and
>basically "the blind leading the blind". I also could not believe
>that they couldn't open the convention center up for people to stand
>inside. You don't have to open the exhibits or shows up, but they
>could have been more understanding under the circumstances. If it
>had been warmer or at least sunny I don't think people would have
>minded so much. As you know that was not the case. It was miserable
>outside, in fact the lady behind us in line had a young daughter, and
>she must have broke out in tears 5 or 6 times in the 3 hours we were
>waiting to get in. It was cold, wet and windy and I'm sure a lot of
>people are going home sick because of it.
>> Also we were lucky enough to get in on Saturday because we got
>there so early, but when we first got to the convention center and
>saw that the sale of Saturday badges had been suspended I was worried
>and very angry. Now it could be said that we should have ordered
>them ahead of time, (and if there is another Celebration, next time I
>will even if I'm not sure we can go) but it didn't work out that way
>for us. I checked the Gen Con website, the Celebration 3 website and
>the convention center website twice each before we left from home
>(just north of Chicago) on Friday and they said nothing about tickets
>possibly being a issue. In fact the Celebration 3 website bragged
>about having never sold out a show. Since there was no phone number
>to call to check on ticket status you would think they would have
>posted something on one of the websites. I would have been pissed if
>we spent the money to make that trip and had gotten turned away. I
>know later in the day they cut off the sale
>> of the badges for Saturday and I feel for those people who could
>not join in the fun or who drove a ways to get there. I also
>understand that due to fire codes and the sake of safety you can't
>jam the place, but you could have a number to call and get a update
>or at the very least post something on a website.
>> The Celebration store was a joke and since we were there for only
>one day we didn't even waste our time standing in line. I can only
>imagine what inside the store was like. I was lucky enough to run
>into another fan that sold me a C3 Darth Vader for $30 bucks. I was
>happy to pay him the extra $15 for his generosity and the time he
>spent in line, and at the same time avoid Ebay and the dealers who
>were buying them for $30, maybe a bit more and selling them for
>double that. We really would have liked to have gotten a t-shirt or
>something from the store but we sure were not going to waste the
>little time we had there for that. I think that if you purchase
>tickets ahead of time they should give you the option of purchasing
>the figures when you buy your badge and when they send your badge,
>send a coupon stating that you purchased yours already and send your
>badge prepunched so you can't buy more at the show. 4 for a 4 day
>pass on so on like they did. Then they set aside enough to
>> cover the orders and sell the rest on site. Have the pickup for
>people who pre-paid in a different part of the convention center,
>sell the rest at the store or better yet another location so people
>can get into the store for other stuff. I was also upset with the
>fact that they were letting the exhibitors buy the figures straight
>from the store. (I saw this at least once) Ebay has created
>monsters out of people and I'm glad that there still are people who
>were willing to help fellow fans and collectors out. Lord knows
>there were a lot of greedy people who took advantage of the whole
>thing, by using their family's badges or friend's badges and bought
>them with no other intention then making a buck.
>> We also thought lines inside the show were very long and as such
>we were turned away from a few things that we really would have liked
>to have seen or done. I don't know that you can do much about this
>though when you have that many people in one place. I can't really
>complain, we did get to see Lucas and we didn't think that would even
>be possible. Maybe have more things going to spread out the people.
>This one is forgivable and understandable to some degree, but
>deserves some looking at by Gen Con.
>> I also thought the autograph hall was well done and most of the
>actors were more then willing to talk and take pictures, even with
>out the purchase of an autograph. The lines for that seemed to move
>at a decent speed and it was in my option was one of the best run
>things about the convention. Hats off to the Official Pix team!!!
>> The one man Star Wars show was awesome and the exhibit hall had
>plenty to see and do. I wish we could have gotten to see the Star
>Wars in 30 minutes too but it's hard to cram everything there into
>one day. There was so much to take in and do. I liked the idea of a
>Fan Club only area. It was a nice place to unwind and relax. I do
>think that there could be more Fan Club only stuff included in the
>ticket price though. Also hats off to the 501st and Rebel Legion, I
>thought they added a lot to the show and were defiantly part of the
>fun of it all.
>> The fans I meet on Saturday were great and helpful and we had a
>blast meeting fellow fans from all over the country and in some case
>the world. We passed the time in lines talking to other fans and
>sharing our Star Wars experiences. I think that's what it's all
>about, having fun and sharing your experiences with others who
>understand your passion. Sometimes the media portrays us as a bunch
>of no life idiots and that could not be further from the truth.
>> Again all in all we enjoyed it and would do it again if given the
>chance. I really hope that they can put together a Celebration 4.
>Lord knows there is plenty of support for it and I think you would
>get a good turn out even without the hype of a new Star Wars movie.
>I plan on going for the whole time, if there is a next time.
>Hopefully they would be able to get some of the bigger names to make
>it also and fix some of the problems if there is a next time.