View Full Version : medical needs require me to sale my collection

04-25-2005, 11:56 AM
Hello fellow SW fans. I have been faced with an unfortunate situation. My son turned 1 1/2 on Monday and he had his 2nd surgery on Friday. I was waiting for the day that I could turn my collection over to him, but his needs now are more important. I need to sale my entire collection of SW in order to help with this situation. My collection dates from the original trilogy era (1977-1983) until about the time of my sons birth (end of 2003). I can give anyone a list of this collection if they would be interested. It is rather extensive as I have been a SW lover my entire life. I hate sounding desperate but it just needs to be done. I wanted to post here first so that other SW fans would have the chance to own this collection. If need be - I'll post it on ebay, but like I said I want the TRUE fans to have the first chance of buying this. If ANYONE is interested please e-mail me at DMetherell@gmail.com and I will gladly send you my list and asking price. Thanks from me and my son to everyone who reads this.