View Full Version : fs-new-loose-mint-revenge of the sith pins

04-09-2005, 11:53 AM
hello everybody,

i just got in some new revenge of the sith pins!

3 different pins!
new-loose-mint-fresh out of there package!
they retail for $5.99 at wal-mart!

im willing to sell/trade:
$2.50 per pin..these are mint-loose-fresh out of there package..no scratches..they are minty

i can provide a replica pic of what they look like!since i dont have a cam

1)....darth vader w/ sith logo: 2 of each
2)...darth vader w/ flames: 2 of each
3)..clonetrooper: 1 only

potj stormtrooper/sandtroopers...loose

thnxs crazytrooper